What Happened to Dr. Gailani at Kaiser Riverside??

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6/2/2014 2:28pm
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It's like he never existed,


I am a Kaiser patient in Southern California.  A little over a year ago, I saw Dr. Gailani in Riverside, who is Kaiser's only melanoma expert. At the time, he was going out on an extended medical leave.  I had heard he was back part time, but his name  has disappeared from my list of doctors on the website - it looks like I never saw him.  Also, I can't find any reference on the Kaiser website of there ever having been an advance biochemo program.  Did they end the program? If so, where are they sending Stage IV patients?

Does anyone know what happens to Kaiser California patients who are Stage IV?  I'm at high risk for recurrence and my open enrollment is coming up, and I'm thinking I need to change plans. 






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What is Kaiser doing?  They are stonewalling stage IV patients in CA, forcing them to see general oncologists only, and refusing referrals out to specialists.  Change plans if you can.

There are no melanoma specialists at kaiser in Northern California . This is disturbing. The general ones should at least have someone to consult with! Kaiser has a lot of money in reserve . Is there something us kaiser patients can do to advocate for a specialist?  Letters? Petitions?  Kaiser is doing two clinical trials for melanoma.