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7/13/2017 11:25pm
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So-I've been on Keytruda now for seven treatments and my most recent PET scan showed tumor growth.  Doc thinks that the K may not be working.  She's recommending a variety of alternate treatments-adding another BRAC inhibitor drug, radiation (screw that-the tumor is touching my facial nerve), etc...On the one hand I'm lucky- no problems from the K, no brain mets, on the other hand it just seems that with desmoplastic melanoma, if you can't cut it out or radiate it out (which is my case because of the location-surrounding my facial nerve)-it's some kind of chemical treatment or it just keeps coming back.  Anyone out there with desmoplastic/non resectable/ of the head?  Looking for advice on which add on drug has the least side effects problems/best results.  Thanks pals


Casitas1 - (7/14/2017 - 2:33am)

Hello Julie T, I had low dose chemo after failing ipi/nivo. After chemo we did Pembro and had an immediate response. My Dr.s reasoning behind was to aggravate the tumor and have pd1 finish the job. I had disease in lip, cheek, jaw bone and 1 node. My DMM  had neurotropism as well...

Best, Paul