What would 1A recurrance look like?

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2/12/2018 10:54pm
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Hello.. I’m about 14 months out from a WLE of a thin 1A.   My 1A was a moon-shaped ugly duckling mole. 

My scar is messed up due to the stitches seperating from lifting too much and then it got infected so the skin n is pretty wrinkled and marble’y.  

My question - I’m getting something that looks like a pimple at the bottom of the scar (and I don’t often get zits on my bicep).    I see the derm soon and I’m not overly concerned but now I am wondering what would a recurrance look like?  Another mole, a lump or a pimple?   

Any thoughts?

I don't have any insight, but just wanted to second that request for experience/info. It seems like a recurrence could present looking like a boil or pimple, or a mole, or nodule under the skin... or just about anything.  I, for one, have a bit of shadow that seems to be growing under my scar, and it has gone from sort of gray to having what looks like some brown pigment showing up... like the mole is re-growing. Weird thing is it seems to be straddling the scar, not on one side or the other.  Could be just a new freckle, but I am obsessed.  For those of us watching our scars, it would be great to hear what a recurrence may actually look like!

Prayers for you you all. Thank you for being willing to share your experiences.

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Mine recurred as a lump at my sentinel node biopsy site. I was also concerned about my scar healing and had those pimply looking things, but at least for me - that was not an issue.

- J.

There is no way to say for certain.  Could a pimple like lesion be a recurrence?  Yes.  Is it likely?  No.  Something like that could be scar tissue, hair follicle or an internal stitch - or even dare I say it, a pimple.  :)  In reality, most people don't recur locally although some do.  If it continues to change for the worse, then it is of concern.  If it starts healing on it's own, great!

Regrowing pigment is always a concern, but not a given that it is melanoma.  For instance, I have a ton of freckles on my back.  I also have several WLE scars from atypicals and melanoma.  I have pigment growing thru some of them.  If a freckle is bisected on a WLE, it isn't uncommon for it to grow back on both sides and/or thru the scar.  I have pigment there but it has stayed stable.  I've also had pigment grow through scar tissue from knee surgery and I don't have much in the way of freckles on my knees.

Lumps under the skin between your scar and the nearest lymph basin can also be of concern.  This could indicate melanoma in the lymph channels heading toward the nearest lymph basin.  Again, not all lumps are melanoma.  Stitches, scar tissue, cysts, ipomas (fatty tumors - common) and other benign things can cause lumps.

Enlarged lymph nodes in your nearest lymph node basin can be concerning too - especially if your surgery isn't recent.  But again, not a given as lymph nodes swell for trauma, infection and other unknown reasons. 

Bottom line is we are unique and it isn't easy to diagnose over the internet.  Best thing to do if you are concerned about something is see your doc. 

The pimple you are describing sounds a lot like something I had along the scar of my skin graft donor site (upper thigh). It appeared many months (post-op), after my surgery. I showed it to my doctor on a follow-up visit and he said..."oh, it is just a resorbable suture that migrated to the surface. Nothing to worry about." Then he just reached into the opening with some tweezers and pulled out the suture. In the operating room, the skin graft site was actually closed on the surface with cyanoacrylate (aka...super glue), but there were resorbable sutures used below the skin to close the deeper layers of tissues.

I have to say that 14 months seems like a long time for it to still be a resorbable suture, but it is still entirely possible. To be safe, though, I would want to bring it to the attention of my doctor. 

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