When am I in chat? any one else with this problem?

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8/5/2010 3:36pm
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I was able to get in chat for a few minutes on the third. (My time and computer availability problems) NOT MRF problem. 

However when i next got to a place i could get connect to the Internet again, and before I started opening a window to the MRF, I started hearing the chat room bonging.  I then had the following occur.


JerryfromFauq: Why was my name on here when I came on line, (not to the MRF board).  I
heard the bonging , but had no windows open to the MRF.  Went to the off-topic BB and it said
I and Laura were in chat.  I had to go to the MRF website and log in then click "

JerryfromFauq: "Click here to chat"  When the chat window finally came up, Laura was gone.

 I have not been  on line anywhere for a couple of days!



PS do  like some of the additions like the spell check and images.

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