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3/19/2017 5:55pm
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Back in December I had a funky looking growth on my hand. I was concerned it was a non pigmented melanoma. Had a shave biopsy and it came back as a wart. Great, right? Well I scheduled a full body skin check with the dermatologist and had that in February. I have a fairly large amount of moles. I hadn't had a full skin check in probably 10 years (I'm 35 now).

This derm had never seen my moles before and pointed out quite a few that she wants to biopsy. Like, almost 10. Now I have had all these moles for at least 5-10 years and I have noticed no change in them. Should I proceed to have all of these biopsied? What are the odds of these being melanoma if they've been around for at least 5 years. I'd normally like to proactive but it's so many biopsies!! Any advice??

Personally , I  would  take them  off .  A biopsy  is the only  way to know what they are. Without  that,you're  never going  to know, nor could  anyone  here speculate . A good  dermatologist  that spends all day everyday  looking  at lesions  marks several  for biopsy , I'd  do it. Then you will  know what you're  dealing  with,and be able to use that information  for monitoring  the rest of your  moles.



We are one.

Anonymous - (3/19/2017 - 10:22pm)

I was recently diagnosed stage 1.   Due to having all the risk factors (red hair, family history, ex-lifeguard, and melanoma), my new dermatologist says he is going to be very conservative with me.  

He biopsied 9 - 3 came back benign, 3 moderately atypical and 3 pending.   None were changing or itchy or bleeding but neither was my melanoma - it just looked slightly different.    If one of these came back melanoma, I would be glad we did it but I am very grateful none have.    From what I understand it's unusual to have multiple primaries (although my dad has had 3 over 45 years).    Also... Something like half of melanomas start from new growth - not an existing moles.    

In the beginning I actually wanted these off thinking it would give me peace of mind and I guess it's helped a bit.   Melanoma just has the potential to be such an elusive disease... My mind still sometimes goes to that "what-if" place but I am getting better with time.    

I probably didn't help answer your question - sorry!