Which treatment option do I choose ?

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1/1/2018 3:47pm
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I was diagnosed with Melanoma Aug. 28, 2017.  I had four moles, 2 malignant melanoma, and 2 melanoma in situ.  The deepest lesion was on my chest, .80, and was removed with two lymph nodes.  All margins were clean and the lymph nodes were negative.  I have had three additional surgeries for two basil cells with atyp cell activity and one squamas carcenoma for a total of 7 surgeries.

Oncologist A sugested a round of Opdivo, one treatment every two weeks for one year.

Oncologist B sugested observation approach with office visits every ninety days and two PET scans per year with lab work at each office visit.

I am considered a stage 2A by onc. A and a 1B by onc. B.

Any input would be appreciated.

My wife had a primary removed from her left calf in November 2016.   It was thicker than yours, but still had clear margins and sentinel lymph nodes were removed and were clear.  A PET at the time was clear.  Essentially everything was clear.  She was put on 6 month scans.    Fast forward to just before her first follow up scan this year, and I took her to the ER with dizzyness and vomiting.   Two brain mets.  She has had craniotomy, gamma knife, Opdivo/Yervoy and is not on Opdivo alone.

If it were me,   I would do the Opdivo in your situation, given our experience here.  Melanoma is aggressive and pernicious;   I would want to stay out in front of it.

She has had very minor side effects on immunotherapy - a little fatigue and a dry mouth and that's it.


She is NOW on Opdivo alone, not "not" on Opdivo.   Typo and I can't find an edit button.

Thank you for the information. It sounds very familiar to this point. I hope your wife beats this awful cancer. I had molecular analisys on my chest lesion and it rated me at a 30% + chance or a disease reoccurance. Oncologist B is a glass half full guy and said I had a 70% chance it will never come back. I hope to make the correct decision (for me) after my last biopsy is completed. Thanks again.

Kind of curious, how did the Oncologist think you could get access to Nivo at stage 2a?

I have one pending biopsy for a lesion that is in the soft tissue between my femur and knee. I hope he is not anticipating a pos. outcome.

I will ask Onc. A your question when I see him about my last biopsy.

Thanks for the input.

The reason that I ask is because Nivo just gained approval Dec 20th 2017 for adjuvant Melanoma. Here is the link. https://news.bms.com/press-release/financial-news/bristol-myers-squibb-r...

I was wondering the very same thing as Ed. As a 2a, you'd be out of luck for access to Opdivo... unless someone has trials going for early stage adjuvent???