Who should do my wide excision?

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Tracy Chicago
7/31/2014 11:07am
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Hi! I had my second melanoma removed (level 1) and it's pretty small. Who should I have do my wide excision?  My choices are a plastic surgeon who specializes in melanoma or a surgical oncoglogist.  Would a surgical oncologist be over kill for a melanoma that was less than 1mm?

So a "Level 1" melanoma is "in situ".  Stage 0.  My derm has done the WLE for these.  They basically only need 5mm margins.   I don't think there is a right answer, any of the choices can do it.  Pick whichever doc you prefer.  Most likely this can just be done with a local anesthesia.  All my WLEs have been done like this and I just consider them a minor inconvenience. 

Thanks, Janner! I was hoping you would reply as I know you've had many experiences with this. Have you ever had lymph node mapping done for your level 1?