wide excision and post surgery pain.

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3/8/2012 6:17am
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Hello everyone!!

    Finally I had my wider excision yesterday ! All was o'k during OP.

  Today and during night I feel pain , painkillers does not work , breast is swollen.

 Did you have the same expierence after surgery ? Is it ok?

 Thank you for all your support.

Hi Natasha,

yes, pain can be very normal after wide excision. If you just had your surgery yesterday, are you expecting a phone call today from your surgical nurse? that would be fairly normal. If not, do call the office. let them know about any concerns you have including uncontrolled pain. They might consider some different pain management for you.

For me, the sooner I get off the pain meds the better since they have their own side effects, which I don't like much!

Good luck. I was glad to read that your melanoma was a stage 1. I wouldn't think that a stage 1 diagnosis would effect your chances of adopting..in fact, I think I can think of at least one person from this board who adopted after her diagnosis...let me see if I can find out for you and direct her to your posts.

Good luck with a quick recovery


Hi Natasha!  I hope you feel well soon, my excision was on my breast and ice packs were so helpful and really provided a lot of relief.  Also I wore a good supported sports bra for about a week.

My wide excision on my arm hurt in a normal way, but the sentinel node on the side of my breast/armpit still hurts - 7 weeks later! My body is doing something called spitting sutures, so there's an explanation for my pain.

Ice packs were the only thing that got me through it. I had a prescription for vicodin, but it didn't touch the pain. I can't take NSAIDs, but if you can, ibuprofen might help more than anything prescribed. 

Persistence (sometimes) Prevails When All Else Fails

I found ice packs to be VERY helpful. The hospital sent me home with one and I used it for two days. It's been 2 weeks and a large portion of my abdomen near the incision is completely numb, but most of the pain is gone! Much easier to sleep now. Take care!