WLE results good news.

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2/1/2014 11:40pm
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I had my WLE results appointment on Wednesday and it was good news. I posted both my path reports below. I finally got a copy of my original shave biopsy as well. Thank you to everyone who answered my questions these past 2 months.

I had my full body check up last week to and they want to do 5 more biopsy's. I talked with my surgeon and she said that instead of my dermatologist doing shaves, she will do them from here on in and do punches. So I will have 3 biopsy's done on March 4th and then the other 2 later. In Ontario, our healthcare will only allow them to do 3 at a time apparently. I will be seeing both a derm and my surgeon for my 3 month check ups.

Ultrasound appointment is Tuesday for the results of my lymph nodes. The guy said they just look like lymph nodes. The surgeon also checked and she said that they just feel reactive. Everyone was right. Thanks! I am healing nicely now and bruising is almost gone. She took the tape off and you can barely tell it is there.

So we are done with this spot and on to the others. Lets hope they are just little dark ugly moles.





Gross Description

The specimen is received in formalin in one part.

Part A is labelled with patient identifiers only and consists of an ellipse of skin and subcutaneous tissue measuring 3.5 x 2.2 x 2.3cm, in the center of the surface is a wrinkled slightly concave gray tan oval area measuring approximately 1.3 x 1 cm, coming to within 0.4cm of the closet margin. Marker with silver nitrate, serially sectioned and all submitted in blocks A1-A11. Ic

Final diagnosis

A. Skin left buttock, excision:
-Skin with underlying dermal scar and biopsy site changes
-Negative for Residual in Situ or Invasive Melanoma

She got it all in the shave biopsy!

I did get a copy of the original biopsy report which I wrote out below. I don't know what any of it really means. Thanks to Janner for helping out before with staging for me.


Specimen Submitted: Skin, Left Thigh

Sur-Path Level 4

Micro Examination:

This biopsy is cut in three sections and submitted in TOTO. The epidermis shows elongation of the RETE ridges and there is prominent proliferation of nests and single large epithelioid atypical pigmented melanocytes along the dermal epidermal junction and there is upward migration of single melanocytes noted in focal areas. The cells have large necleus and prominent necleolus and there is invasion of the papillary dermis by some nests of atypical melanocytes with dense infiltrate of melanophages and some lymphocytes. The appearance is compatible with superficial spearding melanoma, Level 2 invasion. The vertical height is 0.47mm with no ulceration. The mitotic index is one mitosis per one MM squared.

Diagnosis: Superficial spreading malignant melanoma, Level 2 invasion. The vertical height is 0.47mm with no ulceration- not excised.

Jahendry12 - (2/3/2014 - 12:36pm)

That's great news Yvonne!  You can rest easier now that you have some answers.

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Yvonne.D - (2/4/2014 - 12:39am)

Thanks jahendry12. I am definitely resting easier..

hbecker - (2/3/2014 - 3:00pm)

Thanks for the good news!!


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Yvonne.D - (2/4/2014 - 12:40am)

I was so glad I could write these words! Thanks Hazel!