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8/8/2017 6:03pm
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Hi, I'm new to the forum since it's 2 weeks that i have been completely stressed out about a biopsy i had on July 27. They told be the results would be available in 3-4 weeks ... today I got a letter in the mail saying my appointment is on September 7 th !!! This is 6 weeks before I will hear back and I can already anticipate the next 4 weeks of waiting are going to be worse then the last 2.

Attaching a photo does not seem to be working but is it possible that it is nothing ? Would I feel something specific if it something more advanced? Any advise on what I should pay attention to would help.



Anonymous - (8/8/2017 - 6:37pm)

forgot some details...looking over photos from the last years it seems to have grown from about 2 mm to about 5-6 mm... the color is varied with light brown and some black... 

Anonymous - (8/8/2017 - 7:11pm)

Call and get the results, you shouldn't have to wait so long to get results. They can't refuse to tell you over the phone, but, if they won't tell you over the phone then tell them you are going there to pick up your pathology report in person, they are YOUR records and you have a right to them.

Kootenay Kid - (8/9/2017 - 10:51pm)

Agreed, ask for a copy of your pathology report. In Canada pathology reports take up to 10 business days = 2 weeks. Make an appointment with your doc to review results. After surgery, you can also ask for a copy of the surgical report. It's quite interesting to read the details. Keep all copies in a binder & take them with you if you're travelling as digital records are often restricted to particular geographic areas. You can ask for copies of any medical tests (CT scans, blood work, etc.) Look up any medical terms. I find I can usually connect the dots & understand most of it.  Another option is sharing this info with a trusted medically savvy friend if you want more info than your doc is providing.


Sharon93065 - (8/10/2017 - 10:43am)

My friend just had a biopsy on a mole that had changed colors and it took exactly 7 days for them to call and tell her it was benign.  My melanoma (the first biopsy) took a couple of days.  The plastic surgeion who later took out a hunk of my back mailed a precise report later that i covered with  my GP.  Is this your first mole biopsy?  Definately should not take more than a week.


Anonymous - (8/10/2017 - 11:47am)

Yes first mole biopsy, that is why I have no idea what to expect.

Thanks to all for your feedback.... I know there are people on these boards that have actual things to worry about versus my anxiety over a biopsy that will hopefully be nothing. Trying to stay positive but the paranoia gets the better of me sometimes and dissecting years of photos to try and understand how it has evolved is not helping :(