Worried about a liver spot seen on CT scan

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11/26/2010 2:11pm
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I had a CT scan after almost 3 years of clean scans and there is a spot on my liver.  I had a PET scan done last week  and waiting for the results...and very worried.  Any one had liver surgery?

King has had liver surgery. Sorry you are having to worry. It's certainly not a good feeling.

Rocky (Stage IV Liver Mets)

In the spirit of remaining positive...my mother recently had multiple spots on her liver in a CT scan (during 6-month follow-up for colon cancer). They had her do an MRI afterwards, and it was determined to be just a fatty liver. I have also heard some on this site with similar false readings due to fatty liver.

Stay positive, it could still be nothing!

Mark (Stage 2A) from California

My mom (who is stage IIIB) had a spot show up on her liver a couple of years ago after a year of clean scans.  Her oncologist was originally going to do a needle biopsy, but the lesion was in a bad spot, so they opted for surgery instead.  The lesion ended up being benign!  I think it was a hemangioma, if I'm not mistaken.  Good luck and keep us posted.


Mom stage IIIB (4 melanoma primaries, intransit mets)

Sister stage IA (2 melanoma primaries)

I had 4 small mets in my liver. They were removed by burning them out with Radio Frequency Ablation. I was not a candidate for surgery because they were in 4 different areas of my liver. This was done in March and my last scan in October showed that the mets are gone and I am NED. I hope you will be able to have yours removed in this manner. I just needed about three weeks of recovery time and I was back to work.

Good luck to you.

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