Worried about a liver spot seen on CT scan

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11/26/2010 2:12pm
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I had a CT scan after almost 3 years of clean scans and there is a spot on my liver.  I had a PET scan done last week  and waiting for the results...and very worried.  Any one had liver surgery?

Hi -  can you give us more information about your primary, stage,  and treatment?  That might help assess the probability of a liver met.   I have a hemangioma (bruise?) on my liver that didn't show up in initial scans.  I was told this is pretty common.


I am stage IIIB, primary on the back of left calf in 11/07.  I have done 8 months of Interferon ending in 12/08.  The current "spot" is only 1.3 cm.  PET results will be back this week.

Yes, I had a liver resection in 2005.  On a routine PET/CT, a 3.3 cm liver lesion was detected in the right lobe of my liver.  I had a CT guided liver biopsy that confirmed melanoma.


Almost 2 months later, I had a liver resection.  The liver surgeon wanted to allow time for other liver mets to show up.  If that had happened, then surgery would not have been an option.  By the time of surgery, the liver met had grown to 4.5 cm.  The surgeon removed 70% of my  liver...the maximum amount of liver tissue and my gallbladder (to give the melanoma one less place to go).  During surgery, he did discover one small tumor (positive for melanoma) nearby that was not seen on scans.

Surgery was an option since this was my only area of metastasis and since this was thought to be a single tumor.  My surgeon was very aggressive which I think is a big reason as to why I am still here today.

If in fact this is a spread of melanoma to your liver, I would be very happy to share more information with you.  Feel free to email me or post.


Stay Strong


Stage IV  7/05 Liver mets

How long was your recovery for the surgery?

I would say my recovery was 6-8 weeks.  I was in the hospital for 7 days...the intensive care unit for the first couple.  I then entered a Phase II clinical trial of GM-CSF for 12 months.  

Stay Strong

Stage IV 7/05 Liver mets

Anonymous - (11/27/2010 - 8:24pm)


My husband had a spot found on a CT scan after 7 years NED from stage iiia - it was indeterminable (about 1 cm in size, but couldn't say for sure whether it was benign or malignent).  They did an MRI 3 months later and ruled it benign.  They saw it again this year, and it's the same.

Again, this was found after 7 years of completely clean PET/CT scans.

Of course, it is impossible to say that this is what you're going through, but I just wanted to put a positive story out there.

Take care, and I hope it's nothing but a hemangioma or some other benign pesky spot.

Hello, I am very worried, my husband (38 years old) was diagnosed with melanoma estdio 3A in June 2012, the pegylated interferon began 14 months ago, and scan (CT) every 6 months. So far the scan was clear but this last scan showed subcapsular liver spot of 11 mm. I am desperately seeking information on the internet to see if it may be melanoma. These lesions had not been in the previous scan. My husband had a hemagioma (benign) in liver from the first scan, but nothing more.

appreciate the info you can give me.

gaby from Argentina


Hey Trinity....

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving....because...even with all the craziness....we do have much to be thankful for!

Praying for good results on your scans!

Debbie Stage 4 NED