Worried for local reoccurance

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3/13/2018 8:22am
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Hello all!

I came on this board a lot when I was first diagnosed with stage 1a melanoma in 07/2016. It really helped but, like many other early stages, I had pretty much gotten back to living life lately.

Before being diagnosed with melanoma I started IVF treatments. I do not think this was related to my primary because I noticed the mole at least a year before I started fertility treatments. Anyway, I waited a year to get back to trying for a baby and am currently set for an embryo transfer (putting the embryo back in :p) tomorrow.

Yesterday I noticed a dark brown/blackish spot in the scar tissue of my WLE. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I had my mother, who is an oncology NP but doesn't work at all in derm, look at it and she said it looks like a blood blister to her. My husband agrees and is insistent he wants to "pop" it lol. I had just looked at my scar earlier in the day and didn't see anything. I noticed the spot just after returning from a run so... I guess that's possible.

At any rate, I called off of work and am obsessively calling my derm for an appointment. I know none of you can tell me if it's melanoma or not... just looking for support. How often have you seen local reoccurances? My lesion was only .44. It seems unlikely but I also haven't noticed anything like this anywhere else on my body.

Thanks for reading and sorry for rambling :)



Seems pretty unlikely that you would have a melanoma recurrence show up in one day and be a fully formed lesion you notice - from nothing to something in a few hours?  Especially if your original lesion was superficial spreading (most likely case) which is slow growing.  Blood blister sounds much more likely.  Never hurts to get things checked out but I'm not sure I'd be staying home from work and focusing on this solely. 

Thank You! So you think good old fashioned over reacting? I'll take that over melanoma reoccurance anyday!
I have an appointment at 1:30 Today. Honestly, if I wasn't having the transfer tomorrow I probably would have waited. Plus... I don't think these hormones help me to have level headed or calm reactions to anything. So, I'll blame them for my hasty decision making :)

Thanks for sticking around for folks like me janner!


You were right btw ;)


That's my my derm has a 6 week rule.  Give things a chance to heal on their own before jumping to conclusions - because most things really are benign.  Glad it was really nothing to worry about.