Yervoy side effect question

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5/16/2014 5:00pm
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Has anyone suffered severe headaches after taking Yervoy?


Yes, but if they are super severe, definitely call your doctor.  I am in the E1609 clinical trial, and I just finished my 4th dose of Yervoy.  Make sure you're drinking lots of water, too!

BrianP - (5/16/2014 - 9:53pm)

Yes!!!  Many of us have experienced a side effect call hypophysistis (swelling of the pituitary gland). Mine started gradual like a constant sinus ache but gradually got more severe and all over my head. I heard of one patient on here who got his headache all of a sudden. The good news is that everyone I've heard of that had this side effect received quick relief after being prescribed prednisone. The bad news is that the side effect can cause permanent damage  to your pituitary gland and endocrine system so you want to get this checked out sooner rather than later. Your doctor may recommend a brain MRI to check the size of the pituitary gland.

hope you can find relief soon.