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6/2/2014 7:42pm
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I'm on the fourth stage and I use Zelboraf, on which no doctor have any idea in the country that i live. I could only get some information regarding side effects, such as sunlight sensitivity etc. from here. I would appreciate if you can share that your doctor suggests anything to use nearby the medicine. Am i supposed to take vitamine D supplement? Is there anything to pay attention as regards my nutrition? Is there any other medicine that Zelboraf interacts besides the ones that are on its prospectus?
Thank you all.

I was on max dose (8 pills a day) zelboraf for about 10 weeks. The advice from my doctor was if I was going to be out in the sun for more than 15 minutes to wear a hat and always wear spf 30+ sunscreen. And also not to go out from 10am to 2pm.

After the fact or actually during it I learned better. I got some special sun clothing from coolibar.com. There's other places too that was just me. I even still wear the gloves and wrap around my face and hat and face screen. But maybe I'm just paranoid. Basically I would say if you expose your skin to sunlight at least make sure you have sunblock on. Also at least make sure your clothing is 50+.

I learned to take vitamin D3 and K2 supplements to try to make up for the lack of sun exposure.

Other than that like my local doctor says the medicine is different for each person. Some people can have the more than 24 side affects I went through and some of his patients can have no side affects except sunlight sensitivity.

Best of luck to you.

Hi, I was on Zelboraf for 13 months, and had a high tumor burden going into it. The initial side effects were tough; joint pain, no appetite, and I was extremely weak. But the good thing was, it was killing the tumors. After about two months I was starting to feel pretty good. After 3 months I was back to normal. I worked out a lot and back to work, etc. The main thing is you HAVE to have be FULLY covered in the sun. I remember having my car window down at about 7pm at night and got really burned on my arm in 5 minutes. After that I bought a few light, 50 UPF clothes for the summer. I always had full safari type of hat. Columbia and Patagonia and great shirts that keep you very cool in the hot weather.  I actually even hiked in Yosemite in July but thankfully I had the UPF technical gear. The sun will fry you in a heartbeat in the summer on Zelboraf. Outside of that, if the drug is working, its quite manageable once you get used to it. Also, my hair and eyebrows thinned out a lot, but you can deal with that. Good luck.


nil - (6/10/2014 - 4:08am)

Thank you. Good luck to all of us.