Zelboraf stopped working after 6 month

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7/16/2013 6:40pm
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8 days ago I had a Pet Scan which confirmed the mets in my liver (about 10) and one limph node in my lower chest. It seems that Zel had stopped working exactly after six month. My onc is very disappointed because mets in my lungs have disappeared and he doesn't understand why it worked in my lungs and not in the liver? Next step is to start a 3 cycle from next Tuesday with dacarbazin until next pet scan in September. He said that plan B is to fight with the social security to have access to Ipi. I am completely devastated, specially coming from a ned stage 8 weeks ago. I can't believe it, but I have faith and I am optimistic with this next treatment.



I know that disappointment you are feeling. Zelboraf is such a tricky drug. Have you considered emailing Catherine Pole at MIF? she keeps a list of trials, including she knows a bit about international. The Ipi + Anti Pd1 has the best results of anything out there, according to the presentations at ASCO. Keep fighting!!


Hi Francois,

Z quit working for me right about the 6 month mark too.  Why aren't you going into a trial or doing IPI/Yervoy?  Are you seeing a melanoma specialist?  

Just curious why your going to Dacarbazin?

All my best


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