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I had the groin ultrasound today to check on the lumps~I don't just have one seroma I have three! All this for removal of two lymph nodes. I see the surgeon in the morning to find out if the largest one can be drained. The smaller ones I could deal with. 

Plus, had my Pet Scan today and made it through without the Valium. The wrost part seemed like getting the saline and glucose stuff into my veins~I could smell and taste it. 

Hopefully, the stitches in my lower leg come out tomorrow. 

Thanks to all for the support


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Last reply 12/30/2016 - 4:41pm
Replies by: Anonymous, ida_aud, Janner

Hello Everyone,

I have two questions in regards to this new journey.

First, I will talk about my diagnoses, I am 22 and was recently diagnosed with stage 1a melanoma with 

0.23mm in thickness

ulceration: absent

Regression: present

deep margin: negative

peripheral margins: positive (have already had the WLE procedure and got the all clear that got everything)

Mitotic Rate: 0

Microsatellitosis: Absent

Lymph-Vascular invasion: absent

Lymph nodes: N/A

The mole that was cut out was on my upper trunk above my scapula near my shoulder, I am almost certain this was caused by a nasty blistering sunburn I had as a child. I have known about the dangers of melanoma way before this diagnoses, and before this mole was biopsied, I have had 15-17 other moles biopsied before this, all have come back mildly atypical at the worse. With this being said, my question in regards to my recent diagnoses is how low of a risk is this mole? I know that my risk falls somewhere as the ten-year survival rate of stage 1a is 95% but just wanted to hear some others that can add to these findings. I am pretty scared but am ready to move past this and am glad that I found it early. Is there any advice anyone can give for this diagnoses and how to deal with it?


Second question:

I am also worried about now having another melanoma on me right now.. I wanted to see if anyone could give any advice on how common it is, if it is at all to have two primary melanomas on your body at the same time. I have read that my risk for a new primary is around 4-8% but wanted to see if anyone could point me to studies or from own experience on if they have had two primaries at once or if they occurred later in life. Thank you for reading this, and please let me know your thoughts. 

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Last reply 1/1/2017 - 11:19am
Replies by: MelissaMW, Janner, Anonymous

Hello, my name is Melissa. I'm a mom of a 9 month old daughter and I was just diagnosed with a 1 a Melanoma. Right now I'm very confused and worried. I had a mole checked out on my forearm a week ago and wasn't expecting these results at all. I do not now how to cope with this right now since I just lost my mother to a stage III cancer with peritoneal carcinosis. My Dermatologist keeps telling me to not worry since I caught it early. He also tells me that I do not have to go see an oncologist. He did refer me to an plastic surgeon to get more skin cut out. I was wondering if you could give me some more info? Should I go see an oncologist? Really how bad is this diagnosis? Also, I'm very fair and blonde so I have lots of moles an freckles all over the place. How do I know which ones are dangerous? How am I even able to check all of them and notice changes?


This is what my report reads


-early malignant melanoma, superficial spreading type

- possibly arising at the site of a precursor nevus

-breslow depth 0.24mm 

-clarks level II

-no ulceration present 

-dermal mitocic index zero per square millimeter

-no microsstellitosis present 

-no lymph-vascular invasion identified

-in situ melanoma closely approximately and may involve a lateral edge of the biopsy 



Really looking forward to any advise and help. Thanks. 




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Last reply 12/31/2016 - 7:41pm


This is my pathology report for in situ: 6x5x1 mm specimen. There is a profilerat6ion of atypical melanocytes present in the epidermis with irregular nests of melanocytes aggregated at the dermoepidermal junction and solitary melanocytes present within the epidermis. The process is confiend to the epidermis. These changes represent primary malignatnt melanoma in situ. Is this pretty standart report for in situ? To me it looks like that there are abnormal melanocytes. Who make the decision if it's in situ or atypical mole? I had this mole slowly growing over 12 years.

It will not change my outcome.. but just wondering... Thanks and appreciate all your help on this forum so far.

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Last reply 12/29/2016 - 6:45pm

Just another quick update on my sister, Leisa.

Posted a few weeks back that latest thoracic CT showed tumour shrinkage everywhere and no new progression. Now we have a new brain MRI and the results are excellent - "There is no evidence of abnormal enhancement within the brain parenchyma, leptomeninges or pachymeningeal. The previously visualized enhancing lesions within the bilateral cerebral hemispheres have completely resolved (in the interval)." Yay!!!  This - after brain mets "too numerous to count" and WBR as the only option - is phenomenal. 

I am so grateful to the "gods that be," there just aren't any words to describe how I feel, particularly because six months ago, it was doubtful she'd make it this far and any chance of ever seeing NED seemed impossible (there are only two organs in her whole body that were clear - heart and colon).

I didn't want to even "dare to hope" but I sure am now. She still has a long way to go and is only approaching the halfway point of Nivo infusions (started on ipi/nivo combo but had only two infusions before the ipi attacked her retinas) but we have lots of reasons for believing that NED is in the future!

With much gratitude, wishing everyone on here the best possible outcomes and a hopeful, healthy 2017!!


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Last reply 12/29/2016 - 8:33pm

It has been quite the ride. Turns out my intestines were severely impacted with weeks of crap from the painkillers I had been receiving. And my pain was increasing until I ended up on Dilaudid drip. I could not eat for a few days because of excessive bloating and nausea Even trying to swallow oral meds made me heave.

Opiates bind with receptors in the intestines and everything stops. After trying several types of laxative, the one that got the ball rolling is an injection that prevents the opiates from binding to the receptors. Kinda like pathway inhibitors.

However at least it prepared me for the nausea to come from the high dose IL-2, starting tomorrow.

The TIL infusion gave me extreme shivers which required wrapping me in warm blankets like a South Park character, cranking the heat in the room, and 25ml of Demerol. This n spite of a yield of only 15 billion cells, ten times less than I hoped for.

My temperature spiked to 102, but all in all a walk in the park compared to the days of not eating and the from the extreme bloating. 

The last two days my appetite returned and I have been mercilessly cracking jokes with the nurses. Some make better victims than others. Heh, heh, heh.

Tomorrow is the main event. I will try and keep posting.

- Paul

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Last reply 12/28/2016 - 12:54pm
Replies by: Tim--MRF

Where to begin.... 

About a month ago I noticed a odd mole on the sole of my foot ( yes the bottom odd right?) it was never there before it was almost like I woke up one day and bam there it was. It was odd shaped and darker in the middle and also raised up a bit on the darker spot however it wasn't very big. I call the doctor just to have it checked out, he decided to remove it. Now I don't know all the technical terms here but he cut around the mole and also cut deeper down into the mole which required me having 3 stiches. After a week of stiches I go back in last Friday the 23rd of December to get the stiches removed nasty wound but all looked fine. Still haven't gotten any biopsy reports back.... this all seems simple and pretty much like a routine process for people who get moles removed I was nervous but not to concerned as I figured everything would be fine. Now I'm ready to hop into bed last night and I noticed another mole popped up right on the edge of the wound I have from the mole he just took out less then 2 weeks ago... same thing it's small but growing because it wasn't there the day before. Again odd shaped and a dark spot in the middle. I am still awaiting biopsy reports from the first one and now have made another dr appointment for this new mole. So my question is or concern is, is it possible for a mole to grow that fast and also what could this mean?! At this point I'm pretty much in full stress and anxiety about this. And I figured this is the best place to get some kind of answer to ease my mind while I wait for the doctors reports... any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Last reply 12/30/2016 - 11:51am

My elderly father was diagnosed with Stage IIb melanoma in October 2015 which was removed with a WLE.  In October of 2016 he was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma which had spread to his lungs, sub-qs and brain.  Doctors performed a craniotomy on one tumor and SRS on the remaining brain mets and started him on Keytruda (2 infusions to date).

Things were going well until about a two weeks ago when he fell due to weakness/numbness on his left side.  It has since been revealed that his brain mets have continued to grow, they are hemorrhagic and there are new ones.  The conclusion is that this treatment plan failed and now his only options are (1) whole brain radiation and a trial of ipi/nivo combo or (2) palliative care with just a few weeks to live.  My father has expressed that he wants to keep on fighting and I will support him, but his oncologist has strong reservations against WBR as there are many side effects/personality changes which impedes on quality of life.

Does anyone here have experience with WBR?  Could it extend his life by any amount of time? I think part of all of our shock is how quickly this has happened - from seemingly fine in September to now being told there is only weeks left - and that has left all of us wondering if there is anything more we can do.


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Last reply 12/27/2016 - 6:52pm
Replies by: Sophietx, Janner

I recently had WLE for Melanoma in situ. Also had genetic testing done and no found links. My almost 13 year old blond, blue eyes has over 5 large 1 cm and more moles on his scalp. Also a nasty mole in his belly button. He is having surgery today to remove the mole in his belly button and 1 large dark mole on his scalp at Cook Children. Should we consider having all his large moles removed? If yes, would he have bold spots? He has lived in FL and CA. I am worried about him. Any advise? Both of my kids will go to annual skin check ups. My 15 old girl doesn't have any moles. Are moles genetic or my son got them because of sun exposure?

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Last reply 12/28/2016 - 4:57pm

The lump from the one lymph node removal is getting bigger and harder and seems about the size of a tennis ball. It's very painful and feels like it's ripping out my muscle or ligament in the inside of my upper leg. Do these usually get hard and feel solid? I have an app't at the surgeon's office on Thursday but I'm wondering if I should call sooner. 

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Last reply 12/27/2016 - 5:07pm
Replies by: Janner, debwray

Hi all - copy and paste from last post. Newest to oldest below. Im a little confused and more concerned than before

Many thabks.

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Re: Help interpreting pathology report - atypical mole (Att... mannines - (12/25/2016 - 10:38pm)
Hi Janner/all - advice needed am more worried than before.

In my first post I mentioned that I was going to get a 2nd opinion from a derm as I found the initial pathology report for my dysplastic nevus to be a little vague.

Well that derm called me xmas eve (great timing) to say that the team of specialists on review felt that the mole was mild / moderate (I had spoken to the first pathologist myself who said it was mild).

My original path report apparently didnt mention any cellular atypia which they found on review.

He also said that they were going to run some new slides as 'sometimes when we look deeper we find some worrying things'. Added that if it was on his arm he would want it cut out.

I am now obviously a bit concerned as to why they would a) upgrade and level of atypia and b) think they needed to run further tests. Do you know what these would be? The clinic where I had the punch biopsy done said no further excision is required.

I tend to suffer from health anxiety so I realise I'm probably blowing this out of proportion but looking for any advice here.

Many thanks

Re: Help interpreting pathology report - atypical mole (Att... Janner - (12/14/2016 - 9:11am)
There is nothing about this path report that screams worrisome to me. If I had clean margins (like this one does), I'd just move on. Not all pathologists classify atypical moles as mild, moderate or severe and that doesn't mean the report is lacking if it doesn't. (It makes it easier for us but we're not really the audience this pathologist is writing for). The description itself usually indicates more worrisome architecture or cellular atypia and this one specifically rules out typical melanoma features. (I am not a medical person or pathologist).

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Re: Help interpreting pathology report - atypical mole (Att... mannines - (12/15/2016 - 8:11am)
Many thanks for taking the time to reply Janner - much appreciated
Re: Help interpreting pathology report - atypical mole (Att... Janner - (12/14/2016 - 9:11am)
There is nothing about this path report that screams worrisome to me. If I had clean margins (like this one does), I'd just move on. Not all pathologists classify atypical moles as mild, moderate or severe and that doesn't mean the report is lacking if it doesn't. (It makes it easier for us but we're not really the audience this pathologist is writing for). The description itself usually indicates more worrisome architecture or cellular atypia and this one specifically rules out typical melanoma features. (I am not a medical person or pathologist).

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Re: Help interpreting pathology report - atypical mole (Att... mannines - (12/15/2016 - 8:11am)
Many thanks for taking the time to reply Janner - much appreciated

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Hello all

thank you in advance if you are able to help.

I had a mole biopsied and the pathology report didn't state whether it was mild, moderate or severely dysplastic. It was a punch biopsy of a 2mm mole with 1mm margins.

The clinic said all margins were clear and that no further excision is required, however, I'm seeking a second option (from this forum and another dr) as the report was vague. Any interpretation of the report would be much appreciated.

Skin with increased pigmentation of tthe basal cell layer and a junctional melanocytic proliferation composed of nested groups along the tips of elongated and variably fused rete ridges. There is also lamellar fibroplaysia, mild chronic inflammation, pigment incontinence and a few banal melanocytes in the upper dermis.. There is no confluence, mitototic figures or pagetoid scatter seen.

Conclusion: Compound melanocytic naevus, dysplastic

This is a fantastic forum and source of information and comfort which I have been reading over the past few weeks.

Any advice appreciated and I will update also with 2nd opinion from Dr when I get it. I know aypical moles are contentious in terms of their ability to turn into melanoma and also that there is no general consensus on treatment so I'm finding it all a bit 'grey'...

Best wishes to everyone here

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Last reply 1/4/2017 - 5:46pm

Yep, my PET scan lit up.  Had the PET scan right before I was going to start Keytruda the next day.  The lymph nodes in the abdomen, pelvic, collar bone, close to primary and right groin.

The options:

Double-blind combo trial with Keytruda and epacadosat/placebo.  Or do Keytruda alone.  Or do Opivido with Yervoy.  I have already did 3-10 mg of Yervoy before I had a reoccurence close to the primary and now that it spread.  So Yervoy did not work.

The melanoma specialist said the Yervy with Opivido was the more aggressive approach.  I am really shying away from the trail since I have yet to be approved and it takes 4 weeks to even get started. 

I now I feel like I haven't had any treatment since diagnosed in June '16 but the surgeries.  Now the doctor is on vacation. 


Thank you, Donna


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This is getting unfortunately more interesting. Apparently, I'm being screened for scleroderma which is an autoimmune disease. When I researched this it states that a change in the body can trigger this anything from a virus to internal cancer. They don't know what exactly causes it. I already have hypothyroidism which I've had for years. Anyone also have autoimmune diseases and/or Scleroderma?

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Last reply 12/28/2016 - 8:33pm

With hubby's miliary spread of melanoma in both lungs and the brain, and multiple tumors in the liver, I'm very worried that there is no data out there to support a braf mek combo for this type of metastases. From my understanding, a miliary spread is extremely rare and having it in 3 organ sites has not been documented that could be found.

Miliary type spread has an exceedingly poor prognosis which worries me the most.

Hubby is showing more and more symptoms since radiation stopped. Jumbled words, anger, tremors when trying to do anything that requires fine motor skills, cramping all over his body randomly.

We see the oncologist Wednesday and I have my list of questions ready.

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K's picture
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Last reply 12/27/2016 - 11:47am

Hi everyone, About a month ago I was diagnosed with metastatic malignant melanoma, had all my scans etc and treatment is being discussed. My oncologist is very enthusiastic for me to have the combo Nivolumab and Ipilimumab. Any thoughts or advice from anyone out there? The side effects sound kinda scary, but then so does my diagnosis! Thank you.


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