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snow white's picture
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Last reply 9/23/2016 - 7:21pm

this is the trial that they are talking about for my Dad.  Have you heard of it?


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Lizz's picture
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Last reply 10/5/2016 - 10:17am

Hi I was diagnosed with melanoma three weeks ago.  Its all very scary and everything feels so uncertain.  I just want to make sure Im doing everything I should be.  I had an appointment yesterday with a surgeon who said at the moment I was at a stage 2b.  He spoke about a sentinel lymph node biospy giving me the impression that this was not the best route to take and I should just "sit and wait" and see how things go.  I really dont want to just do nothing and wait for the melanoma to spread!.  I decided to go for the sentinel lymph node biospy regardless.  I am hoping to have an appointment within the next two weeks.  The brislow on my nodular melanoma was 5.5 (on my arm), I get the impression that because it is so large that it is likely that the melanoma has spread?  Anyone else had a sentinel?  If it has spread to lymph glands does that mean it has probably gone elsewhere as well.  Sorry for all the questions but  im new to all this. 

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Last reply 9/23/2016 - 1:03pm
Replies by: Julie in SoCal, itsme.mimi, Anonymous, debwray

Hello folks, I am wondering if anyone has had intransit met that itches? If not, anyone have an itchy mole diagnosed with melanoma that was not nodular type? Any help is much appreciated.

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Julie in SoCal's picture
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Last reply 9/27/2016 - 1:02am

Greetings Friends,

Yesterday I saw the Rock Star and did the "paper work" and body work (blood, ekg, and pee in a cup) to join INCB 39110-17.  I'll have to have scans again but provided lung tumor is still there (short of a miracle, there's no reason it wouldn't be) I'll start Day 1 Cycle 1 next Wed- Phew!  Maybe this roller coaster ride is coming to a full and complete stop or at least maybe slow down a little.

I don't know if I'm on the JAC1 or PI3-k arm, but either way I'll get it a drug with Pembo and I've responded Pembro well in the past. So I'm hopeful.

Meanwhile I'm tired.  All the hurry up and wait has been stressful.  Not knowing what the plan is has taken a toll. I'm very glad to have a plan.

Thanks again for being fellow companions on this wild ride.





Stage 4  (TXN2cM1b)-- 2008 WLE, SNB, LND, HD-INF, GM-CSF, (intransits) 2013 IPI, (intransits) 2014 PEMBRO, (intransits and lung met) 2016 VATs

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Redlo8's picture
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Last reply 9/25/2016 - 11:24pm
Replies by: Redlo8, Anonymous, MoiraM, debwray

Hi Everyone,


My wife is 55 and has Stage 4 Metatastic Melanoma, She has been on Keytruda for 18 months. It is doing its job very well with all "spots" gone or shrinking significantly.

She has a few of the common side effects like tiredness, skin irratations etc but one that seems a little less common is a lip reaction.

Her bottom lip (top lip is fine) has swollen to twice its size and is constantly bleeding or forming a blood blister, overnight it scabs up only to fall off in the shower and start the process all over again.

While not extremely painful it certainly looks very nasty. Along with this her gums also regularly bleed and she has bad breath from the constant blood in her mouth and the innability to brush her teeth very hard.

I have searched all over the internet for other peoples's stories that may offer a solution but have been unable to find many references to this ailment.

Her doctors have prescribed so many different creams and ointments, speciality bandages etc but nothing has made much difference, if anything they make it worse. The most effective product to date has been petroleum jelly, it is not a cure for the lip but it seems to hold it at the current level for a long time.

She has had this now for approx 12 months with it steadily getting worse.

Has anyone had this issue or know of a product that may help the situation? I often wonder if it is psoriasis (she got this on her hand and arm when Keytruda was first injected) but this cleared up after using a product called Moo Goo. Unfortuantely this product hasn't helped her lip.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone would like some positve news on Keytruda or would like to ask questions please feel free to ask.

Kind Regards



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Anonymous's picture
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Last reply 9/22/2016 - 1:44pm
Replies by: itsme.mimi, Mat

I had a stage I melanoma in 2006, had WLE, never a problem since. I do not think of melanoma much anymore, so it did not even occur to me until today to look up possible melanoma symptoms, for the constant itch i have with a flesh colored looking mole on my leg. It has been itching on and off for weeks now, but last couple days, it has been worse than before. When I went to take a look at it tonight, I noticed another pinkish, circular lesion, about 2 inches up my shin from the itchy one. Is there any possiblity that they could be intans-it mets? Would they itch? My original melanoma was same side, on bottom of my foot. 

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Momofjake's picture
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Last reply 9/25/2016 - 7:01am

Hi all,

Took me awhile. Jake was disappointed in his scan results, but he got a "stable disease". It's not too bad. Hard part is the dr says the TAF has hit it's plateau and he wants Jake to start ipi now. Jake says he wants to try MEK. I don't even think it's an option. Our onc thinks the TAF alone only lasts an average of 6 mo and Jake is 4 months in. He says there are not other options, just ipi. Jake doesn't want ipi. Hates vitiligo. Onc also says the cancer can come back aggressively when it does. Jake is still very tired but looks good. Clear lungs, almost clear spine and so much improvement really shows! He played tennis today:) He also apologized to me on the way to his was emotional for him. Sept 12 marks two years. 17-19 yrs old sick. Hoping the TAF hold it back:) 

thats our are you Josh????

Thanks for the scan support:)'Kerri


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Anonymous's picture
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Last reply 9/22/2016 - 10:13am
Replies by: Anonymous, debwray

Had surgery in July now and biopsy was good. Now I've developed fluid around my lung my leg continues to swell. I'm not sure if this is related to melanoma but X-ray showed normal heart and lungs. No lung disorders. Waiting on results of CT Scan just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. 

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Aaron's picture
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Last reply 9/22/2016 - 11:35am
Replies by: KAF, WithinMySkin, Anonymous, Polymath

So I met with my dr's nurse practitioner and am now in the process of weaning off of prednisone and getting revved up to resume nivo treatment after my pituitary issues.  I wanted to get more details about my shrinkage and told her I never got my email giving me all of my results. She read most of my results and all of my tumors have shrunk by 1/2 roughly. There is one tumors though that was never mentioned and has never been mentioned before that has grown. I would not have known about this tumor if I had not read my exam results in my email. I have an enlargement of the porta carval lymph nodes that is over 2 cm in size that the  results state concerning for metastasis. I am keeping faith that I was not told about this for a reason as it is undetermined or maybe some underlying factors I do not know about. Just a little bummed that I was all go and realize that there are still many obstacles in the way on this bumpy road. Part of me just had the inclination that I'll take the meds, get better, and move on and I still have that basic belief. Just worn down a little. 

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jpg's picture
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Last reply 9/30/2016 - 6:36am

My doctor just told me that there is no evidence to show it is of value.  Anyone have any good studies saying otherwise?

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I know we all insist that your oncologist matters...and it does!!! A specialist in Melanoma stays up-to-date on all the newest information and medications, giving you a greater chance of good outcomes.

But do we focus as much on our surgeons?? All surgeons are NOT created equal. Here's a new study out thats a good guide on what you should look for and what you should ask before surgery to get a better outcome.

Always do your homework and keep fighting!




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snow white's picture
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Last reply 9/21/2016 - 7:14pm
Replies by: snow white, Polymath, MoiraM

Hello there,

I am new to this forum.  I myself am a Uterine cancer survivor, but I am not here to talk about myself.  My Dad is 72 years old (very healthy overall)  and was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, he had it removed and no more treatment was necessary.  In June 2016 he went in for follow up and they did a CT scan, the colon was fine but they found something on his Lung and possibly his spleen.  He had surgery to remove the spot on his lung last month and the pathology came back that it was Melanoma.  We were shocked.  Now after alot of tests etc.  we just found out that he now has metastis in his brain (12 spots) small intestine (1) spleen (more than 12) upper right thigh.  WHAT?????? SHOCK!!

So far from what I know (this only happened 2 days ago), he will be doing radiation on his brain  (the whole brain) at Hoag in Newport Beach, ca.  He is also going to be starting a trial at USC (don't know the name).  He is waiting for his BRAF? test to come back.

My Dad has NO symptoms what so ever.  I am so scared, this is all so confusing. They said if he didn't do any treatment that he would be dead in 4-6 months!!!!   Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!!!!!


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Check this out:


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BrianP's picture
Replies 11
Last reply 9/26/2016 - 10:49pm

Tumeric comes up from time to time on here.  Thought this was a pretty interesting article.  Study results toward end of article.  Bottom line is supplements didn't show much benefit but adding tumeric spice to foods seems to have a positive impact.

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Anonymous's picture
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Last reply 9/24/2016 - 2:30am

Can anyone share with me your experiences with melanoma stage 0??
Prognosis, chances of it coming back, chances of it spreading, follow up, etc?

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