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Has anybody had their Melanoma Specialist do the biopsy? I woke up the other day and unintentionally scratched my leg and clear liquid came out. I was surprised and looked at my leg which looked like a collapsed blister. My original melanoma looked like a blister also but I think it was solid. Now the area has a scar which is healing fast. Anyways, I hope this isn't a spread of melanoma or a new one. I don't know what else it could be?? I know I didn't have anything on my leg the day before I found this.

I took a picture of it and drew around it with a pen, since the scabs will probably be healed by Monday. I have an app't Monday with the Melanoma Specialist to check on the seromas and I'm thinking maybe she can do a biopsy then. Otherwise, it's back to the Dermatologist.

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Last reply 2/2/2017 - 9:33pm
Replies by: Aloha14

Just a quick question. I was dx with stage 1b melanoma mid December on my right outter thigh. I had a wle and SNB done on 12/29.SNB was negative with clear margins. For a few weeks now mu right hip has felt swollen and bruised, but you cant see anything (besides my stretch marks). It almost feels like i ran into the side of a counter or something, but i havent. Any thoughts? Could this have anything to do with healing? Thanks!

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Last reply 2/3/2017 - 9:44am

Got my fiances mri done today they sent a copy to oncologist and gave us one to take home which means im gonna look at it which means im gonna freak out if i see something off. Im no doctor but any glowing spot on the scan is probably gonna freak me out or im gonna imagine i seee one on it.

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Last reply 2/3/2017 - 9:29pm
Replies by: landlover, Bubbles, tschmith, Anonymous, Hukill

I had my first infusion of the IPI + NIVO combo on January 6th.  Within four days, I developed a pretty severe rash.  A couple of days after developing the rash, my oncologist put me on 150mg of Prednisone per day.  That seems to be pretty common from all the research I have done.  Since then, I have developed a pretty fast heart rate and hot flashes.  Once I reported that to the onc, they started looking at the thyroid.  I turns out my thyroid is cranking on overdrive.  They gave me a pill for the heart rate and say it should self correct in the next few weeks.  I am down to 60mg of Prednisone per day so the end is in sight.

The reason I am posting this is because what my melanoma care team has been telling me the past few weeks.  They have said I will not be receiving my 2nd infusion of the combo.  The plan is to start me on Keytruda once I am off the beta blocker and the Prednisone.  I have to say I am rather depressed by that news.  I have read of many people that have dealt with the same side effects I am dealing with.  I don't remember them saying they had to quit because of a rash and a hyperactive thyroid.  I am trying to stay positive, but it hurts knowing the best treatment plan will no longer be an option for me. 

Does their plan sound correct based on what you all have been through? 

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Last reply 2/5/2017 - 9:32pm

My husband Charles died yesterday morning, I was thinking he was having a bit more sleep it is hard to get to doctor's appointments.  I hate this disease, please say a prayer he is in a happier pain free place.




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Last reply 2/3/2017 - 6:48pm

Hey folks,

I have been in touch with Josh, and told him people have been asking about him. I am here to provide an authorized update from the man himself.

He has completed the initial 2 days of chemo which involve receiving the harshest of the two drugs - cytoxin. It is making him nauseous but no vomiting (3 cheers for spewlessness).

His early TIL numbers from the lab are looking good (hoping for a 50B yield) and the cells are viable.

His spirits are good and his worst thing is the boredom (boy can I relate to that).

I will post an update on myself a little later after I take care of a bunch stuff that has been accumulating on my desk for the past couple of weeks.

- Paul

To exist is beyond fantastic.

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Last reply 2/3/2017 - 10:18pm

My poor husband has had set back after setback. His tremors and headaches and cramping just won't go away. He was on a dex taper and they just increased back to 8mg from 1mg and the headache went but not the tremors. Also unable to eat. Gets an immediate feeling of fullness. But liquids go down ok. Onc believes that one of the brain tumors or inflamation surrounding a tumor is causing his brain to incorrectly interpret signals from his stomach. So they keep increasing the steroids. He's been on 16mgs since November except for the taper the past few weeks. Realistically how long can you stay on high dose dex?

PS they stopped his dabrafenib and tramentinib because of all the symptoms and vision changes.

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Last reply 2/2/2017 - 4:54pm

So doc said at best my fiances melanoma is stage three untill we get scan we dont know if its worse he said stage 3 at best cause biopsy of lymphvnode was possitive. We have twp weeks full of doc apps which is a damper on his job and our financials. With treatment and doc apps do most of you take disability or ss?

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Last reply 2/1/2017 - 3:45pm
Replies by: Tim--MRF

I am 20 years old and have been diagnosed for the first time with melanoma in two different sites in the past three weeks. I just dont understand why this is happening to me, i have never been to a tanning bed, i am not a sun worshipper and i have no family history of melanoma, so why am I (a healthy 20 year old female) having this? My doctor keeps taking off more moles and they keep coming back as positive for melanoma. Is there anyone with insight on what is causing this?

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Last reply 2/1/2017 - 12:53pm
Replies by: Janner

34YO Female.  I was diagnosed with melanoma 2/2/15. The official diagnosis reads melanoma, level IV, 0.56 mm tumor thickness, non-ulcerated. This was on my left shoulder and I did have a lymph node biopsy that came back negative. Lately I've been having some weird symptoms so I decided to look back though my records and do a little research to see if I need to be seen again. I've had the report here this whole time from my surgery but I just read through it last night and I'm having a hard time interpreting it. This is the comment below the wide local excision says
There is a tiny focus in block A4  suspicious for, but not diagnostic of, a satellite metastasis of melanoma in the epidermis. Immunohistochemical strains were attempted. Unfortunately, the suspicious focus was cut through precluding interpretation of the Immunohistochemical stains. External controls reacted
My surgeon never told me about this so is it something I should be concerned about? I noticed on the official report they left the area blank where they were supposed to put what stage I am. I'm wondering if they even know.

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Last reply 2/5/2017 - 5:45pm

Hello - I have 2 questions I wanted to pose to the group regarding the TAF/MEK combo.


1)  Has anyone NEVER had a fever but still responded?

2)  For those that did have fevers, how long did it take for them to start?


Thanks for any input you can provide.  Much appreciated!

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Last reply 2/1/2017 - 3:55pm
Replies by: Tim--MRF

Does anyone have experience with T-Vec? Curious if there are restrictions for someone who already has the herpes virus?

No One Fights Alone

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Last reply 2/3/2017 - 1:03pm

Had my annual scans and follow up this week.  CT and brain MRI are again clean.  Thankful, grateful and feeling blessed tonight.

Hoping others in the fight will get some positive news this week.  Hang in there everyone!

-Rocco, Stage IV in 2005, Ipi responder in late 2008, NED since 2009

Luke 1:37

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Last reply 2/1/2017 - 7:48pm

Today I had the 3 seromas drained by the Radiology doctors under ultrasound guidance. The doctors said there are 3 distinct, separate seromas and they don't attach together. So when the Surgeon drained the largest one the last two times which filled back up right away, it didn't effect the other two. Anyways, this time it's been 6 hours since the 3 were drained and 2 of them have filled up again but are definitely smaller than has been during the past 6 weeks. The other one doesn't seem to have filled up again, yeah! 

I don't understand how these can fill up so fast but they can't drain. The Radiology doctors said that these won't drain on their own from what they can tell from the ultrasound pictures. I wonder what happens if these never completely drain? I watched as these were drained and the syringe for the largest one was red colored not yellowish like the last two times. Does anyone know what that means? Is it bleeding inside the seroma, from the needles going in or is my lymph fluid now red?? Plus, the one that so far hasn't filled up was also bloody and had dried blood in it. Sorry for the gory descriptions. This stuff is driving me crazy. 

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Last reply 1/31/2017 - 10:48pm

Found a suspicious mole on upper back thigh, came back as melanoma. 

0.86mm, no ulceration mitosis of 1.

Great news, right?

WLE with SNB revealed "a few" cancer cells. Waiting to be scheduled for a full node dissection. 

Looking for any similar stories, recovery time for this next surgery, expectations. 

ANY info. 

I am,sadly, mostly concerned about finances. Should I file for short term disability NOW? What is recovery after complete lymph node removal?

What are my chances of getitng lymphedema? (very concerned about this)

What is the PET and brain MRI like?

I am so scared. sad

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