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Last reply 7/15/2016 - 11:06am
Replies by: Aubreesmommy41, geriakt, Anonymous

So I got a copy of my path report in the mail today from March 30th of this year.. I had a mole removed from my upper arm and was told by the girl who assisted my rude non communicative Doctor that it was a stage zero meaning in situ.. The rude Doctor then sent me for a pet scan on April 30 because I had the nerve to keep asking questions.. Anxiety and all that.. Pet was clear.. I've had 3 more WLEs since for dysplastic nevi and apparently I'm done until November.. Seeing this report tho has me worried again.. I won't type the whole thing but Breslow thickness .40 mm.. Mitosis less that 1 per mm squared.. Regression present.. Ulceration not identified.. Can someone help me put this new info in perspective? I'm 41 and have a 5 month old baby to worry about.. Thank you

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I started a new post earlier this week titled "Obdivo and Yervoy Regimen."  My significant other is at the end of the regimen of Opdivo and Yervoy (it has been 3 months of both of those, every 3 weeks), and they are starting him with a new regimen of 5 treatments of just Opdivo.  We met yesterday with the oncologist to get the PET scan results.  Unfortunately, the tumor in his stomach has grown.  The oncologist will be meeting with the cancer board of the hospital and will get back tu us.  We are not sure if the tumor can be operated on since it is now so large.  The doctor was very surprised since with such a large tumor, she would think that he would be in much greater pain.  We are told to hope for the best but prepare for the worst..  Has anyone dealt with melanoma that moved from the original location to the stomach?  My S.O. was first diagnosed with melanoma about 6 years ago (on his back) and they biopsied and cut a margin and removed it, with a couple of lymph nodes, and 5 years thereafter, said everything looked good.  Then earlier this year, we were informed that the cancer had moved from the back to his stomach.


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Last reply 7/16/2016 - 6:24pm
Replies by: KAF, Maria C, Kim K, geriakt

Hi all

Im very new here.  I was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma at the end of May.  It originated on my labia (I've had mole checks for years since the 90's but never had been checked there).  I'm scheduled for my 3rd dose of the Opdivo/Yervoy combo on Tuesday.  Had only a rash and fatigue after the first dose and have felt amazing after the 2nd dose (could be because after being hypothyroid my whole life I'm now hyperthyroid and the amount of energy I have is crazy).  Anyway, the one problem I'm having is that after having the tumor removed it's starting to reappear and now I have black dots all over both sides of my labia. My doc said that if I'm really uncomfortable that she could start me on zelvoraf next week.  She's concerned though about the side affects with all these drugs in my system. Has anyone else done zelboraf on top of the opdivo/yervoy?  If it's just the spreading I'm seeing should I just let it spread until my next scans?

Thanks. Karen




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Last reply 7/13/2016 - 5:10pm

My brain MRI was about 4 weeks ago. I just got the results in writing and reading through them I noticed something interesting. 

First, of course, it states that there is no evidence of metastatic disease. 

Under that it states that there is a 4mm left parietal calvarial nodule adjacent to the lambdoid suture most suggestive of a post sutural epermoid though setting follow up of stability may be warranted.

I'm guessing this is from the insicion on my scalp from the melanoma removal?   

My surgeon didn't tell me about this, so I'm guessing she didn't feel it was a problem. But should I ask about it to get more information?  I don't think I will be getting another MRI for quite a while since I haven't even started immunotherapy yet. I meet with the medical oncologist tomorrow. Maybe I'll ask her. Just my anxiety hanging out over here. 

27 year old mother of three. Diagnosis stage 3a.  Awaiting immunotherapy. 

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Last reply 7/19/2016 - 5:22pm

My father in law was diagnosed 5 years ago with stage 3b melanoma. Last summer, it moved to his liver and intestine. In May, his pet scan revealed 2 brain mets in the right and left frontal lobes. He had radiation done within 2 weeks, targeting the two lesions. On July 5th, he had a MRI to check on lesions since undergoing radiation. The smaller tumor showed no regression or progression. The larger tumor showed significant progression of 1cm. He met with a neurosurgeon yesterday and surgery is not an option. He has to wait another month for another MRI and to get more information. Medically, he cannot have another before then. He is extremely lethargic and low brood pressure. Dr said to contact him if feeling symptoms of tumor growth. He is currently on opdivo infusions that have significantly helped tumors in liver-none lighting up. He still has the cancer in intestine. I'm very concerned about prolonging treatment, knowing brain mets are fast growing. Any suggestions? My in laws stated that they will not get a second opinion. Anyone know of helpful clinical trials that involve brain metastases? Thank you so much! 


Blessings to all! 




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Last reply 7/15/2016 - 5:37pm
Replies by: Maria C, Mark82, jvictoria, momof4boys, dentholla, youngann, Anonymous

So I'm just a few days away from my second surgery in less than a month and a half . diagnosed stage 3 melanoma in two out of three lymph nodes cleared margins on the side of my temple .I'm starting to feel the anxiety losing sleep stressing out even with tons of support and a lot of faith that God will get me through this . the plan looks to dissect and extract the parotid salivary gland and remove lymph nodes in the upper neck area recovery time should be 2 weeks and after that seven weeks of radiation targeted on the neck and side of the head and then possible immune therapy treatment with two drugs .they suggested yervoy and interferon. any experience out there ? I've been reading the interferon is no good and doesn't really do anything . or just anybody that would like to pray or encourage thank you so much for this website it's been a huge help for me and my family God bless all of you

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Last reply 7/15/2016 - 7:39am


I do not qualify for a clinical trial Dr. John Kirkwood from Hillman Cancer Center is running because I am only Stage 3a ... I needed two lymph nodes positive for melanoma and I only had 1 positive.  I am also BRAF negative.  Hillman Cancer Center is saying the only option for me right now is Interferon.  They are saying my insurance company will not pay for adjuvant therapy in Stage 3.  I do not want to do interferon, nor does my local oncologist want to give it to me. 

My local onolcogist recommended I go to and find a clinical trial or call Cleveland Clinic to see if they have any options for me.  They are going to call their Merek and Bristol Myers reps to see if there is any way to get me the adjuvant therapy drugs.  I am beyond frustrated at this point.

My oncologist's did not even try to call my insurance company to see if anything would be covered ... is this normal? 

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I did find two clinical trials.  But the one is located in RI and the other is being offered in MO, IA and GA.  I live in PA. 

Thanks in advance!



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Last reply 7/22/2016 - 11:58am
Replies by: Lee Parlier, laulamb, Anonymous

I recently completed surgery. 29 Male. Bilateral LND to level 2 lymph nodes and a quite large area taken off my back for a quite large tumor. Left side started as a SLND but it tested positive so they took the remaining out.


I was diagnosed at level 3, I assume 3c given the extent of my surgery and the way lymph nodes on my right side lit up on my PET scan results but I don't know the specifics.

It seems once I leave the hospital (I've been here for about a week as they take care of my skin graft and lymph drains) they want to put me on interferon.


I am struggling with the decision still. Part of the reason is that I live and work in a foreign country (home is America) so my family is not here and I am worried if I would be able to work. If I were to use the medicine, it seems like my only option would be to live with my parents again. Part of the reason is there seems to be a lot of divided opinions on interferon. Part of the reason is that I am nutrition and exercise nut and feel I could make sure I am eating the right foods and getting a balance of healthy exercise while staying positive (if I were to go with wait and watch option)


If you've read this far, thank you. What I'd like to know is anyone's opinion on interferon, specifically with regards to stage 3 patients. I also saw the 2/2016 study that said interferon showed no effectiveness, but I believe the patients had a much less complicated lymph node situation.


cheat sheet: looking for any opinions or advice on interferon, questions to ask doctors (scientific or personal), personal experiences, when/why would you / wouldn't use it.


Thank you and I hope everyone is finding the strength to remain positive and live without fear : )

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Last reply 7/12/2016 - 1:02pm
Replies by: dvd

My brother-in-law is currently undergoing treatment for stage IV melanoma under the Opdivo/Yervoy regimen.  After his 3rd treatment, he began to develop severe side effects (severe fatigue, shortness of breath, severe insomnia).  His liver enzymes have elevated to ALT/GPT=1246 and AST/GOT=670.  He has had severe insomnia for over one week accompanied by hallucinations at night.  His doctor has stated that his ability to take steroids is limited due to complications from diabetes.  Due to a severe lack of sleep, he is at the end of his rope mentally and physically.  Sleep aids such as Ativan and Ambien have not helped. The doctors are discussing possibly putting him in a medically induced coma to allow him to rest.  He is completely miserable.  We are desperate for any suggestions that may help with these side effects.  Here are my questions:

1)  Have any of you experienced liver enzymes elevated to this extreme?  If so, did they improve?  Was there permanent liver damage?

2)  Does anyone have any suggestions to address the insomnia?

His melanoma, which had exploded prior to treatment has completely disappeared, so his big hurdle at this point is trying to get through these side effects.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Terry R. 

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Last reply 7/15/2016 - 6:30pm

Just wanted to say hi to everyone I've been keeping up on board. I hope everyone is doing well or on the way to doing well. Last I was on it think I told everyone of the three brain mets that developed.After srs and 1 dose of ipi/nivo i started to get light headed and new something was going on. 1 of the Mets that was treated hemorrhaged and was causing problems the other 2 shrunk from 6mm to 2mm. I also had 1 new one develop that was 7 mm. So 2 days after ipi/nivon infusion doctors decided to stop immunotherapy and go back to braf because I had such a big response to it prior. After 8 weeks mri showed original 2 and new brain met were not visible on mri. The hemorrhaged met shrunk also and showed no edema. However after about 3 weeks on braf I developed every side effect in book,chills,fever of 104+ loss of appetite change of the way food tasted etc. My local doc thought we should keep on drugs and thus is partly my fault because I knew better but I ended up in hospital for 2 days with low sodium among way walked liver function. I stopped drugs and immediately things returned to normal. Tried to restart after 8 day layoff and same result. So I then took 2 weeks off to gain some wait...Lost about 13# and reduced dose. Made it 2 weeks with no issues then chills and fever. I immediately stopped for 8 days and trying again starting this past Sunday. Had another mri at u of chicago and they think hemorrhaged met in brain may have burst from response to srs. So it's been a long 2 or 3 months of feeling like crap. Feel great right now and just going one appointment to next, body continues to be clear. Thanks for all info everyone has been posting and support we all give each other.


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Last reply 7/14/2016 - 11:16am

So, I have gotten conflicting advice on getting flu shots and having Melanoma. Some have said "don't worry about it" and then some have said "don't do it because it might compromise your immune system"

Has anyone gotten any advice on this topic or seen any research?

I'm only asking because I was planning on volunteering at my hospital's infusion center and the hospital requires flu shots for all volunteers.


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Last reply 7/12/2016 - 6:59am

Hi everyone.

I'm just checking in and I'm not sure if anyone still remembers me.  I joined over 13 1/2 years ago.  

I am pleased to let you all know I am still NED after 16 years.  You can read my story under "Nicky".   No sign of any melanoma.  I have had 3 melanomas of varying depth.  One spread to my lymph nodes.  My treatment was surgery and radiation therapy.  

Reducing stress has helped me along my journey and keeping positive.

I am sending my support to anyone battling this disease and wish you all the best.


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Last reply 7/11/2016 - 8:02pm

Has anyone experienced right stomach/side pain? Trying not to panic but I've had this pain for awhile now (about 6 weeks) and there seems to be no cause to it? I had my CT scan on June 17 and it was all clear. I mentioned the pain to my oncologist and he felt it was possibly muscular given my scan was perfectly clear but he said if the pain persists he would order an MRI of my liver and gallbladder. The pain is definitely not severe or dibilitating just more sore/dull ache. Kind of like if you did a ton of sit ups but it's off to the right side. Sometimes below my ribs and sometimes down towards my tummy. 

We bought a new house recently and have been doing a lot of work (yard work, painting, etc) so I guess it could be muscular but to last this long? What are everyone's thoughts? Anyone else experienced this? Should I be concerned given the fact my scan was clear?


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Last reply 7/14/2016 - 11:41pm
Replies by: NancyGM, Swanee, gigembritt

Has anyone experienced tender nodes (rather than hard, painless nodes) turn out to be mets? I have no infections currently and blood work a couple months ago was good. I have been NED for 8 years, but still worry with symptoms that last....My heart goes out to all dealing with melanoma...


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