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Last reply 8/5/2012 - 5:27am
Replies by: LynnLuc, natasha, Jennholbert, Anonymous, jag, AngelaM

The report looks good with one little exception. I will see the oncologist in two weeks for rond two.

Here are the results...
Malignant Melanoma
Type: superficial spreading malignant melanoma
Clark's Level: II
Thickness: breslow of .26 mm
No ulceration
Dermal Mitotic Rate: 0 (this really shocked me!)
Lymphomas ulnar space invasion : none
Precursor Nevus: present
Biopsy Margins: the lesion extends close to at least one radial margin: wider margins are indicated

It appears I had a partial regression.

We found another very little spot on the palm of my hand that will need to be checked out.

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Last reply 8/3/2012 - 1:59pm

I am new to melanoma. Since the end of May, I've had five sites biopsied and all have come back with something: two were basal, one squamous, and two melanoma. I've had three Moh surgeries on one melanoma site, two on the second, smaller site, and full excision on the two basals. The squamous will be either excised or Moh when the stitiches come out of my second melanoma.  I'm in my sixties, and never had stitches before this. Now this summer, in the past eight weeks, I have over a hundred. It has been non-stop, with only a few weeks in between surgeries while stitches heal. Then back for the next. The stitches are all still recent, and ugly, and obvious. My back looks like it bears the "Mark of Zorro." So now does my arm.

I also have multiple sclerosis, and serious depression as a result of the MS diagnosis, which took me out of my classroom earlier than i'd planned. I've always been heat intolerant, perspiring heavily and looking nervous even when I wasn't. This, too, over time, added to the stress and anxiety that became depression. I was injecting a medication I didn't have faith in for four years, and finally last year, with the help of a counselor and anti-depressant medication, i was able to 'just say no' to the prescription for multiple sclerosis, and had just begun to feel more of my old, confident, assertive self. But it was too late to save my career. Little did I know that melanoma was yet ahead. I loved my job. I loved my colleagues. I miss them.

I'm from a large family. Some of my siblings have passed, as have my parents. But I still have five siblings. Most are a few years younger than I am. They continue to think that I can handle it. Only my husband truly "gets it." He is my rock, and always a full partner in my medical issues.

I never did manage to help my sisters understand that MS limited my energy, made my comfort level difficult to attain in summer, and cut into our financial resources. They are aware of the melanoma now, and yet still plan family get togethers on sunny beaches that are long drives away.

It is so defeating to know that there will always be a 'next time' for surgery, and stitches, and co-pays. And there will always be another social expectation of a sunny beach get together.

I guess I just needed to vent this in a safe place. It is so frustrating. They are all in their fifties or more. They are not uneducated, and not uncaring. But they are so dense when it comes to what they believe i ought to be handling and still showing up socially. I just want to walk away from them totally. But they are family. They were 'hurt' a year ago when i asked them to stop inviting me out to lunches with mediums at expensive restaurants.

I don't need lunch with a medium. I need time to sleep, and to save money for medical bills that are never ending. I want to spend awake time with my husband, or with my grandchildren and adult children. I am so fed up with them. They just don't get it.

I am not perfect, but I am enough.

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Last reply 8/4/2012 - 1:52am
Replies by: sjl, cliff61, Anonymous

My husband was diagnosed with mucosal melanoma of the nasl cavity in April.  He's had surgery for it twice with clear margins the second time plus the removal of several lymph nodes, one of which was malignant.  He's at stage 3:  T3c, N1, M0.  In addition to that they found another primary cancer, non small cell squamous in the lung. 

They've held off on radiation while they figured out the lung and he is scheduled to have part of the lung removed in a couple of weeks.  Now, everything is up in the air again.  He woke up Sunday morning with a chain of lumps along the neck and swelling.  It has gotten worse.  We saw a doctor yesterday who said it's melanoma that has spread to the skin.  Biopsies were taken with a rush order and we will get an appointment ASAP after the results come back.   I can't believe how fast those bumps showed up.  We had just seen a doctor about a week earlier and asked about a small swelling at the top of the incision in the neck and were told that it was nothing to worry about.  We were told repeatedly yesterday that the delay in radiation has nothing to do with the melanoma coming back like it did.  I thought that's why we were supposed to do radiation in the first place!  I know that radiation doesn't always work but what hope is there for my husband now?  They are talking about doing a shorter but stronger course of radiation than originally planned and possibly radiating the lung now rather than removing a piece.  He's being checked for cKIT for the possibility of Glevec and maybe another clinical trial.  The doctor we saw yesterday had asked for the testing for cKIT back in May and we found out yesterday that it was never done.  He's asked again.  We are dealing with UPMC and the Hillman Cancer Center so we've got good doctors but even there, you have to stay on top of things yourself. 

Any suggestions?  Is there any hope?

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Last reply 8/1/2012 - 8:19am
Replies by: AngelaM, natasha

I was diagnosed tonight at 7:30 by my sweet dr who wanted to give me the info as soon as she received it. I had a mole on my right calf for a good 4 years. Last Friday (7/27) I had the mole removed along with good margins. The wound has been left open ...oh how nasty it looks! :)

I was surprised how fast the results came back, considering the lab only got the biopsy yesterday morning. I was told that it is an early stage melanoma with shallow growth. Dr mentioned how deep it was, but my head was swimming. So that's good.
One slide showed that I had a regression so I'm being sent to an Oncologist for my follow up procedure and possible look at my lymph nodes.

Tomorrow I am going in to have my wound checked and to talk more. Can anyone give me a list of questions to ask my dr tomorrow and also the Oncologist?

Thank you so much!


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Last reply 8/3/2012 - 3:37pm
Replies by: EmilyandMike, KMT2003, Janner, Anonymous, natasha

I just don't know what to think, I really need to hear some positive thougths and stories please, I am 35, 3 kids, was a sun lover and had a mole removed from my back that turned out to be Melanoma, it is draining to my left inguinal lymph nodes, they are calling to schedule my surgery on Friday and I just don't know what to expect and what is gonna happen, my Dr. said don't worry you are not gonna die, you are young and healthy and you cought it early, yet the more research I do and the more i read the more freaked out I get,

How can you live in the future if you are regretting the past and fearing the future, I am here now...

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Nell's picture
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Last reply 12/25/2012 - 8:28pm

Heard that testing of the vaccine POL-103A is starting for Stages II and III..anyone know much about this?

One voice can make a song; one life can change the world.

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Replies by: kelty, sjl, Anonymous, Janner

I am a woman in my 60s and was diagnosed about 6 years ago with a Clark's level 11 melanoma on my forearm (Breslow .25mm - no more info.) that my husband insisted I have checked. Had WLE and was told to come back yearly. I really never gave it another thought, and certainly never expected to have another one. A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with one melanoma in situ on my lower leg, and a severely atypical mole on my upper arm. I had WLE on each. My current dermatologist said I will need to be vigilant with self-exam, because the mole that turned out to be melanoma in situ did not look at all suspicious to her. She biopsied it because I asked her to. She is very supportive of my finding a good melanoma clinic and also seeing her at 3 month intervals. Most convenient would be Pittsburgh (Hillman?), Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington, but I would also consider Chicago or Minneapolis. I am looking for a center in which monitoring for new primaries via total body photography is a focus. It has been hard to find information about this because centers are emphasizing their expertise in detecting and treating metasasized melanomas. I would of course value their expertise in these areas as well, because I hope to have a long-term relationship with the center I choose, and realize I may be in a position to need those services in the future. For now, though, my focus is on catching any new ones at an early stage, and I have no confidence in my ability to do this on my own. I am hoping that one of you may know something about centers in these cities, and give me a place to start at least. I've been impressed with the level of expertise and plain old wisdon on this board. Thanks for your help!

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himynameiskevin's picture
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Last reply 8/2/2012 - 12:00am

I've been suggested to stop Zelboraf for awhile as I have had more progression in my head.

After stabilizing my head via SRS or WBR,  think the idea is that I'll do IL-2 again or give Temador a shot, while getting back on Zelboraf.

I think I've decided my dose this morning will be my last for now and I'm just wondering, to those out there who were on it, but aren't anymore, are there any side effects from withdrawal you've experienced or I should know about?


Thank you for any information.


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Donna19702's picture
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Last reply 7/31/2012 - 1:30pm
Replies by: gabsound

my son Michael was diagnosed with Spitzoid Melanoma Oct 2011, he's 27. He was stage IIIC, which the cancer started out as a mole on his foot then spread to his groin lymph nodes. 4 out 14 that was removed returned as cancer. He was only able to complete 4 months of the interferon due to severe weight lost, anxiety, fatigue along with others. His PET Scan came back excellent and was told that they would see if the Pharmaceutical for Pegylated interferon would approve him. If they denied his request they won't put him on anything. I feel that there has to be another treatment out there for him and they can not just say NO!


Could someone please let me know if you have any suggestions that I should bring up to his oncologist.



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nancyclay68's picture
Replies 4
Last reply 8/4/2012 - 2:46pm
Replies by: krissy424, Anonymous, aldakota22, natasha

As I await staging for the WLE I had on a positive punch for MM, I thought I'd pose a question.  I've heard rumors that birthmarks can or might sometime become melanoma.  I was born with two dark brown birthmarks, one on my inner left thigh and one on my outer right bicep.  In my thirties the one on my arm began to slowly disappear until it was gone by age 40.  Fast forward to age 44 and in 8 months I go from a tiny black dot (think ink mark) to a 6 mm wide black lump with red halo that came back MM.  Interestly, in the exact location of the former birthmark.  Coincidence?  Just curious if anyone else had an experience like that.

Prayers and peace to all battling Mel.


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mom3girlsFL's picture
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Last reply 8/3/2012 - 11:53am

Hi All,

Haven't posted in a long while - just wanted to check in and share AWESOME news!  NED is once again a visitor in our home.  CT chest, abdomen, and pelvis clear as of yesterday!!!!  Almost 2 yrs NED now after radical groin dissection with lymph node involvement in late 2010.

Still get scanxiety, still waiting for our world to fall apart again, but trying to remain positive and hopeful.  Mel will always be in our life and some days are more difficult than others to cope but still hanging on!

Keep strong! Keep fighting! Know that you are all prayed for each and every night!


Do not fear tomorrow, God is already there.

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AllyNTAus's picture
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Last reply 8/25/2012 - 7:21pm

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering what others taking either the GSK or Roche BRAF inhibitor are finding in relation to hair loss - I am in week 14 of taking Dabrafenib, and in the last couple of weeks I have really started shedding a lot of hair, luckily I started with very thick hair but I am wondering where this might end up. Talking with a friend yesterday, she suggested that if I had some idea I was going to have complete or near complete hair loss I could start getting a wig made now, I hadn't thought about that.

I know this might seem like a pretty superficical concern in the context of what everyone here is going through, but if you have any experiences you are prepared to share I would be grateful.

Best wishes to everyone


A bad day's fishing beats a good day's work everytime

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Valentine's picture
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Last reply 8/10/2012 - 8:24am

Last night I found a lump the size of a marble in my left groin, just above the scar from the lymph node dissection I had 2 years ago. I can't see the dermatologist until Sept. 5. I am worried about waiting that long to have it biopsied. How fast does melanoma grow?

Because of the lymph node dissection, I have lymphedema. I use a Flexitouch every night to help control the lymphedema. Now I don't know if I should use it. If this lump is cancer, wouldn't I just be encouraging it to spread?

So, I'm just freaking out, and I have no one to talk to about it. I know there are no real answers to my questions/concerns, but I sure would appreciate some feedback on whether it would be a good or bad idea to use the Flexitouch for the next month+.



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TSchulz's picture
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Last reply 8/3/2012 - 1:12pm

I am a little superstitious about sharing good news but since I look to this board for inspiration as much as information I have to share the news I received last week.

In May, I completed treatment at NIH on the randomized trial of TIL cells followed by IL2 with standard lymphodepletion OR TIL cells/IL2 with standard lymphodepletion plus total body irradiation.  I randomized to the arm of the trial that did not include TBI.  As many of you know, the treatment was very difficult but the NIH team was amazing and got me through it.  

I returned in June for my one month follow-up scans and received the news that my tumors had decreased in size an estimated 54.2%.  Huge news!   Then last week, at 2 months, scans showed they are approx. 70% smaller than before treatment and no new tumors were reported - equally important at this stage.  After receiving a big hug from my research coordinator she said that there was a lot of good news shared in clinic that day.  

I know my story does not end here but we are hopeful to see this trend continue.  This is the first good news (concerning melanoma) we've had in over a year so we are celebrating and looking forward to a brighter summer!

I wish all the best to everyone dealing with this disease - we need to see a bunch more NED in 2012.


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