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Last reply 9/26/2012 - 1:24pm
Replies by: Anonymous, Mickey n Jo, awillett1991

Ok, here we are again. My husband just had a short hospital stay during which time they stopped the Zel and gave him fluids to build him up a bit. He's feeling much better now, even gained about a pound and a half, but heres the tough part, should he continue on the Zelboraf at the reduced dosage of 2 pills morning and night, or switch to Yervoy. Right now we're leaning towards continuing the Zel as long as it's working. He goes for his scan on Friday, so we'll see what that shows. How bad are the side effects associated with Yervoy? He had such a rough time on the Zel.

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Last reply 9/26/2012 - 8:37am

Hi everyone... just a quick question... it will sound relatively mild but ive been wondering. My father passed away from stage four melanoma two years ago. i went and had mine checked and i had a melanoma in very early stages on my back.. so i had it removed with a two centimetre margin. Have had a mole map and all other moles look ok, so im told... i have a rather large mole, size of tip of little finger lower abdomen area.... i have been told it does NOT look like a melanoma.. However im curious? it was quite small about ten years ago... a sort off tiny dot size.. it has grown over ten years... and is now almost size of tip of little finger area... but i am still told it does not look like melanoma.... Isnt a growing mole a sign of something not quite right? or is it normal for them to grow in size/???? also, should i just get it removed and checked anyway. The doctor and skin specialist tells me there is not cause to worry?? so should i believe them... or err on the side of caution?? thankyou all replies will be read and appreciated. 

today is a gift and thats why its called the present

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Hey all, I recently found out I had melanoma in situ. I was very lucky to see my dermatologist only a month after I noticed the spot and had it removed. I now know though about sun smarts. I dont go out in the sun with out sunscreen... hat... the usual... My question is that I get very frusturated when going to the beach with friends or hanging out with people who just want to "lay out" and "look healthy". I cried the day I realized I had no tan lines on my body because I was so happy,  to me that was what it meant to be healthy, but other people have different points of view. How do you handle being in situations where other people are laying out in the sun and you are hanging out under your umbrella? I often will hear people  saying things like "Oh why are you hiding under there! Come on out and get some color on your skin!" And I want to crawl even farther under that same umbrella. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :) 

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Last reply 9/25/2012 - 9:59pm
Replies by: Lucassi, kylez, Phil S

My husband Mike has metastatic melanoma in the left lung, brain and adrenal gland.  He developed a brain tumor and the tumor on the adrenal gland after completing Yervoy about two months ago.  He had no side effects from the Yervoy treatments which were supposed to shrink the lung tumor.  In reality, the lung tumor grew slightly larger and the brain tumor and adrenal gland tumor developed.

Mike had a craniotomy two weeks ago and is recovering without any complications.  Unfortunately, his initial tumor was Braf and Ckit negative.  As most of you know, there are not many treatment options for patients without these mutations.  We see his oncologist in two weeks to talk about further treatments. 

I would appreciate your input as what treatments might be available given my husband's history.  I am so scared that the melanoma will spread further and there won't be anything we can do to stop it.  I know that some of you have taken Temador and was wondering if anyone started taking it after a craniotomy, and how soon after the surgery? 

Thank you for any suggestions you may have. 


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Last reply 9/25/2012 - 6:10pm

As I mentioned in my recent, initial post, my husband and I own & operate an organic dairy farm.  He is stage 3b and may be undergoing the standard interferon treatment.  I feel like we need to be very realistic about potential side effects and prepare accordingly, perhaps hiring and training an additional employee.  (We have one employee, and my boys help out as well, but all of these guys have their own limitations, and my husband by far does the bulk of the work.)  

My husband wants nothing to do with discussing the worst case scenario.  He insists "nothing will change", a line that doesn't reassure me in the least.  Even if he tolerates the therapy like a trooper, imo things *will* change, and all of this *does* clearly affect me in a very significant way.  I can not simply move forward and act is if it'll be a walk in the park.  I need to know that our business can function properly even when he's not physically and/or mentally able to run the show.

I realize our circumstances are somewhat unique ~ not many dairy farmers around any more! ~ but I'm interested in how others prep for this sort of thing.  And, for that matter, how you handle the tension between spouses over these aspects of the disease & treatment.  I am quickly realize that being the one who's informed, and being the caregiver, might very well be as challenging as being the one with the cancer.

Thanks for any insight you can offer.



Keep on keeping on.

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Last reply 9/25/2012 - 5:26pm

My adopted sister passed not to long ago from Melanoma.

Her children were left to me and my husband.

I want nothing more then to raise these children to be exactly like their mom.

She was wonderful.

However, I am worried I might too also die from melanoma and do not want the children to lose another "mother".

She hated the sun, only had a handful of moles, and never stepped foot in a tanning bed.

Me on the other hand, I lived in the sun as a kid, covered with oddly shaped moles and freckles, and tanned every now an then in college.

I have way more of chance at getting melanoma than my sister, so I am wondering if it is selfish of me to keep these children if this will be my fate as well.

I see the skin doctor once a year and he said everything checks out, but my sister had nodular melanoma which spread so fast.

I find myself constantly checking my skin and pulling out pictures to compare moles. My husband said I might need help. I think I may. But, again, I do not want these kids to go through another loss. I love them too much.

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Last reply 9/25/2012 - 3:40pm
Replies by: Maureen038, Linny

My husband has stage IIIb acral melanoma in his left big toe nail. The toe was amputated at end of april and he had one sentinel node with microscopic. His c-kit and BRAF are negative. He had groin dissection in may and everything was negative. He entered a study where he had a 2 out of 3 chance of getting yervoy, but unfortunately got interferon. He went through the month of July with the high dose and started giving himself shots after. His first CT scan a week and half ago showed a 1 cm nodule in his right lung. We are scared to death waiting for the results of needle biopsy which should come tomorrow. We are working with Dr. venna(melanoma specialist) at Washington hospital center who is wonderful and a compassionate oncologist in Gaithersburg. We are also asking for a second opinion at John Hopkins. If anyone has any advice, we would so welcome it!! My husband is 55 and is in good health otherwise.

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Last reply 9/25/2012 - 3:10pm
Replies by: Nicky, benp, AllyNTAus

Medicine Information.  
Dear MPA Member

We need your voice to ensure patients with advanced melanoma have access to affordable treatments. Please provide a comment on new PBAC submissions.

What is the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)?
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidises the cost of certain medicines, therefore ensuring they remain affordable.

Who decides which medicines are listed on the PBS?
The Australian Government is responsible for deciding which medicines are on the PBS, however their decision is mostly based on advice from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC).

The PBAC is an independent body of experts that reviews and make recommendations to Government about newly submitted medicines.

The PBAC meets 3 times a year and its next meeting is in November 2012.

Why is this important for melanoma patients?

Although melanoma is easy to cure in its early stages, there is yet to be a drug developed that will successfully treat melanoma in its advanced stages.

In these cases, only a handful of drugs are available, and they have limited application and suitability for each individual patient.

The first new drug up for PBS recommendation is Ipilimumab or “Yervoy”. This drug contains the active substance ipilimumab, a protein which helps your immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells..

The PBAC has considered Ipilimumab twice before, and on both occasions the PBAC requested more information.

If not subsidized under the PBS, the cost for an Australian patient with advanced melanoma seeking treatment with Yervoy is approximately $120,000. Most patients will not be able to afford this in the final stages of their battle with melanoma.

How can you help?

Before the PBAC makes recommendations, it has a two week period where it considers comments from the public. This period starts from the 26 September until 10 October.

We encourage all melanoma patients, carers, family members, healthcare professionals and advocacy groups to write to the PBAC and provide the panel members with personal stories on current treatment options, and the personal impact of melanoma on life.

What kind of comments would be helpful for the PBAC?
The PBAC asks you to consider 5 questions, however you don’t have to answer all of the questions.

1. What treatment (if any) are you using now?

Guiding questions for patients:
- please describe past and current treatment(s) you have accessed?

2. What do you see as the benefits of this new medicine for you?

Guiding questions for patients:

- Have you accessed Ipilimumab? What benefits did you experience?
- If you have not accessed Ipilimumab before, explain why access to Ipilimumab could be beneficial to you?

3. How will your life and that of your family and carers be improved by this new medicine?

Guiding questions for patients:

- Describe how your life and that of your family and carers be improved by this new medicine?

Guiding questions for family and friends:
- Please describe who you are commenting on (i.e. yourself, partner, family member or friend)?
- Describe how the life of the patient and that of other family members and/or carer can be improved by this new medicine?

4. What other benefits can you see from having this new medicine on the PBS?

Guiding questions for patients:

- Without subsidy, could you currently afford it?
- If not, what other options do you have to purchase Ipilimumab?

Guiding questions for family and friends
- Please describe who you are commenting on (i.e. yourself, partner, family member or friend)?
- Why would you like to see the patient have access to Ipilimumab?
- Without subsidy, could you currently afford it?
- If not, what other options do you have to purchase Ipilimumab?

5: Do you have any comments on the consumer input process?

Guiding questions for patients, carers, family and friends:
- Do you believe the two week commenting period is sufficient?
- Do you believe that the questions asked during the consumer input process are appropriate? If so, why? If not, why not?

How to submit comments for the PBAC’s November meeting

Your comments can be submitted from 26 September until 10 October. There are three ways to do so:
1. Online at the Department of Health & Ageing website by clicking here or type this address in your web browser:
2. Call (02) 6289 8592 to request a form and send the completed form to the Department of Health & Ageing before 10 October
3. Write a letter of support and send it to PBAC, GPO Box 9848, Canberra, ACT 2601 before 10 October.

The PBAC will consider all comments submitted by 10 October.

MPA will send the outcome of the PBAC meeting to all members six weeks after the November meeting.
You can get more information by clicking here or you can type this address into your web browser:

Need further information or support?
Please contact Melanoma Patients Australia on 1300 88 44 50.

1 For patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma who have failed or are intolerant to prior therapy. For more information about ipilimumab, refer to the Consumer Medicine Information. Medicine Information. 

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madeclaire's picture
Replies 6
Last reply 9/25/2012 - 2:59pm
Replies by: madeclaire, Charlie S, Jeff's Mom, Anonymous

Hello everyone,  I was originally diagnosed with mucosal melanoma (nasal cavity) in 2003.  It was a non pigmented lesion that began to bleed.  I then entered a vaccine trial and remained NED for 5 years but closely followed by an excellent nead and neck surgeion and an oncologist specializing in melanoma at Northwestern Memorial in Chicago.  I had a recurrance in 2008 and again had surgery which involved a partial maxillectomy (removal of some of the palate, teeth and jaw bone)  I was only offered interferon and chose not to take it.  Then I recurred again in 2011 and had more of the palat, teeth and jaw removed and received radiation.  6 weeks ago a scan can back with uptake in one neck node and several lesions in the liver.  I had tissue sent ot to be analyzed for mutations.  I waited two weeks only to be told that the results were inconclusive due to bone mixed in with soft tissue.  I decided to have the neck node removed and now await again a full molecular analysis of this tissue.  If I have either a C-Kit or Braf mutation my treatment options are clear and hopeful.  If not, my oncologist is offering me either  standard chemo, IL 2 or yervoy.  He also thought I should consider some of the trials out there.  I have been pcking through a list of more than 28 trials around the country and have narrowed it down to NIH in Bethesda which has a vaccine trial and also an IL 15 trial or the U of Chicago which is also doing a vaccine trial.  Does anyone out there have any info on better trials for someone in my situation.  As you all know when diagnosed stage IV and given less than a year to live without treatment it feels like there is a gun to your head.  I don't want to waste energy or look in too many directions at once, but I do want to make an informed decision on my next step.  I have two kids in college and would love to live to meet my grandkids.  I am also healthy and active and love life.  This board has been an inspiration to me for some time.  

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madeclaire's picture
Replies 2
Last reply 9/25/2012 - 2:39pm
Replies by: madeclaire, Lucassi

Im facing the difficult decision to begin treatment as a stage !V with mets to the liver.  My results for molecular testing will not be in for a week and I've already waited 6 weeks due to a problem with the first tissue sample sent to the lab.  I'm about to begin on yervoy since everything I've read indicates this could reinforce other drugs I may be eligible for should I have a mutation.  Anyone out there that can tell me realistically what I can expect everyday life to be on Yervoy?  I'll be receiving 4 doses over the next 12 weeks.

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becky15's picture
Replies 8
Last reply 9/25/2012 - 12:27pm

A few days ago I noticed a raised skin coloured lump on the underside of my right foot, near the ball of my foot. It is about 1 cm across. I visited my GP today who doesn't think it is anything to do with my melanoma (stage 1a diagnosed 7 months ago, 0.72mm breslow on my lower left thigh near the knee with zero mitosis and invasive radial growth phase even though "superficial" Clark level 4 ), seemingly on the basis that it seems not to be attached to the tendons etc. He thought it could be a ganglion or something to do with the tendon sheaths.

Now I've done some research on the internet, however, I've gone into meltdown as it seems it could be a subcutaneous metastic melanoma and would therefore be a recurrence and fast forward me to stage 4. I'm not sure that my GP has enough knowledge about melanoma to even know about such a recurrence.

I am pulling forward my 3 monthly follow up with my consultant dermatologist to this Thursday but, in the meantime, any words of reassurance would be greatly appreciated as I am falling apart.

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newmanmark's picture
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Last reply 9/25/2012 - 11:18am


It has been a while since I have posted anything.  This December will be 3 years NED for me.  I was diagnosed as Stage 3C in October 2009.  I had CT scans done last week and I got the call from my Oncologist today saying that they see something on my pancreas.  I am now going for a PET scan and a more detailed CT scan.  I'm praying that it is nothing.  Has anyone had a CT scan show something and then have it come back negative for melanoma?  I'm scared.


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Anonymous's picture
Replies 5
Last reply 9/25/2012 - 11:05am
Replies by: polwilliams, Lucassi, Anonymous, Janner, sharmon

Hi, I'm looking for some advice about whether I should seek a second opinion about a mark that has appeared under my toenail and has been there for about a year. I can't remember exactly how or when it started but assumed I had damaged it somehow without noticing and that it had bruised or was bleeding underneath the nail. It hasn't grown out with the nail and when I did a search on the internet read that it was advisable to seek medical advice if the mark doesn't grow out within a couple of months.

My GP didn't seem to know much about it and said it was unlikely to be melanoma because it was too 'straight'. However from what I've read, this is a characteristic of this type of melanoma. I tried to attach a photo here but it doesn't seem to work. The mark is on my little toenail, is brown in colour (not reddidh or purple, more a light brown), and covers the inside half of the nail.

Grateful for any advice you can give.


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It's been awhile since I posted and I read the post daily. I was heart broken when I read kevins post. He is a inspiration to us all as well as so many others on this board. I came here so many months ago looking for help and I found a family that cried the same tears I cried felt the same emotions and gave such encouraging words.

Tonight as my thoughts are with each of you know that I cherish the bond we have and pray for you daily.

Lynn starts 4th month of z tomo. He's doing well still hasn't gained his weight back and has some joint pain hair loss and awful skin issues. We are going to dr wed. For checkup not sure when we scan again.


What God leads u to he will. Lead you through

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Marilynn Eiken's picture
Replies 6
Last reply 9/24/2012 - 9:27pm

My husband is on his second 2 week dosing of Leukine.  The first round went well til about day 5.  Everything I read warned that injection site reactions were very common.  Which is what happened.  On day 5 his belly started swelling, welting, etc.  He suffered threw it til the end of the 2 weeks but when we started the injections this time the reaction was immediate.  The welts are the size of my hand, including my fingers, and mind you I am not a dainty handed girl.  Is this what most have experienced with Leukine?  I am a nurse and keep reminding him that his side effects could be so much worse compared to many treatments but after 14 days of injections Im not sure if he will have an unwelted area left on him.  We are using hydrocortisone, ice, heat, ibuprofen, caladryl.  Any other tips/tricks anyone could suggest? 


Thanks a bunch!



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