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Last reply 3/29/2012 - 4:47pm

Hi folks, It has been about 3 years, or perhaps longer since my last post. I used to post every year on the anniversary of my NED status but as time has passed Melanoma is way down on my list of prioraties....hard to believe I know, but this is how I feel. The MPIP has changed so much since I last posted that I have had to reregister. I am not sure if all my previous post are retrievable for any of you to read but I am still NED and being diagnoised in 2001 stage 3b I am pleased to say life is good. My children have married and I am now a Granny six times over. Melanona is a horrible cruel disease  but in many cases it can be life changing and not life ending. My thoughts , love and hope go to all those fighting, waiting, recovering and most importanly living  

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Last reply 3/30/2012 - 7:23pm
Replies by: H555, LynnLuc, Richard_K, cltml, Linny

I started coming to this board last June when I was diagnosed with a lymphnode recurrence from a melanoma removed in 1995. i had 17 lymph nodes removed only1 was malignant but there was capsular penetration (I think that's what it was called). I had the first 10 days of Interferon infusion in november that beat me up pretty bad and my oncologist and i both agreed to stop. I also have recurrent prostate cancer related to Agent Orange exposures and residuals from radiation treatment for that.

Fast forward to yesterday - for about a week I've had a dry cough that felt different than any cough i've had so i called my PC and he referred me for a chest xray and wet read. about 4 yesterday afteroon he called me at the clinic and told me I had multiple masses and nodules in my lungs and set me up for an appt with my medical oncologist tomorrow at 9 am. i can tell the cancer has grown in the last week, i can' take a full breath and hold it without coughing. i suspect that multiple masses and nodules is not the same as scan identified mets so i'm more than a little worried. i've searched the posts here for folks who've posted about lung mets and treatments and would love to hear more about what's worked. I know I'm now beyond the "found it in a lymph node stage" but i see many stage IV folks here who are faring well. My hope, frankly, is for a few more good years. we've been planning a trip to Kenya this summer where our son is in the Peace Corps, and I desperately want to make that trip and i'd like to live long enough to be here when he returns in 18 months. . we have 2 young grandchildren 2 1/2 and 6 months and i'd like to see a lot more of them. and I've been retired for 9 months in hopes of racing a 65 Barracuda my youngest son and I started working on 7 years ago. so i'm praying and staying positive and scared sh#*less right now. thank you.

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Last reply 4/16/2012 - 5:50pm
Replies by: natasha, Cynaburst, Janner

Hello everone!

         I was searching in internet again and found out , that melanoma with ANY Breslow thickness,even 0.1 mm ,already have vertical growth in it.

         My path report says MM Breslow 0.2 mm , vertical growth - absent, radial growth - present.

         Is it mistake in pathology ? Does anyone had the same ???

         Thank you for your support and information. It is more then 3 months since my diagnosys ,but I still worry a lot, my doctor put me on antidepressants :(  I am sorry about this post , and I know I am not in the worst place to be with my pathology ,but I just cant help myself worrying.

I am checking my every freckle and all seems a new melanomas for me. I think I am going mad.

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jtheisen29's picture
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Last reply 3/29/2012 - 4:03pm
Replies by: jtheisen29, Mandi0280

Good Morning Everyone, 


I wanted to share the news since I love coming on myself and reading about  peoples good scan news. My twin sister was diagnosed Sept 09 while 5 months pregnant with stage 3b melanoma. She had scans Monday and got the news yesterday that everything was fine! She does however need to have her thyroid taken out, interferon did a number on it but no signs of cancer. Just wanted to share my news!!  Although I don't come on as much as I did when she was first diagnosed and going through interferon I want to be able to check in and let people know because when I first joined I would search for stage 3 stories. So now if someone else searches hopefully this will give someone hope like it has given me. 


Jessica twin to Sara diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma Sept 09

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ElaineLinn's picture
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Last reply 3/30/2012 - 4:55am
Replies by: ElaineLinn, KRob, aldakota22

Today has been a long day. Starting off at 9 pm last night I got sick and had to be taken to the hospital for kidney stones. Finally released at 6 am this morning still carring the kidney stone, so that I could make my way to Columbus for my dr appointment at James Cancer Center with Dr. Kendra. Today was the day for my CT scans to check the progress of my lung mets, and check my liver to make sure this cancer hadnt spread.  That was not good, the IPPI has not been working for me. Most of the lung mets had doubled in size and they found new spots in my stomach area. But my liver is back to normal and has no signs of cancer. So now there goal is to get the radiation over with and start me on Tremadol. I will be stayingin Columbus tonight and seeing the Radiogist tomorrow so that we can get all my dr. on the same page and get to fighting this cancer ASAP.  Dr. Kendra gave me no other option then the Tremadol, as soon as they can get the radiation done. So here we go. I will travel back home to WV tomorrow night so that I can have Lypatripsy done on my kidney stone on Friday.  God is good and I will never believe other wise , But I would love to get some good news and soon.




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Richard_K's picture
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Last reply 3/29/2012 - 12:46am

Today I got the results from scans I had this past Monday. No change, probably just scar tissue.  I'm now 25 months on Zelboraf.


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Replies by: kylez

Hi everyone.

I had my last dose of Yervoy in November of last year. I know that they say the side effects can still occur months after the last dose, but I'm wondering just how long "months" really means.

In the last week and and a half I feel like I am having Yervoy side effects again. I've been having diarrhea about every two to three days and I've also had quite a bit of itching on my palms and my feet. It could be that none of this is actually related to Yervoy, but I'm just wondering if it could be. My itching during treatment was mainly on my legs, not my palms and my feet, but it has me wondering just the same.

Have any of you out there had side effects almost five months out??



Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle. -Plato

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Lisa13's picture
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Last reply 3/30/2012 - 8:59am
Replies by: Lisa13, KRob, lhaley

Last November, I had gamma knife on a 2.5cm brain mets.   In the last 2 weeks, I've had definate symptoms that are part of the edama.  I sometimes forget words briefly and my eyesite in one eye is a little weirds.  I have a brain mri in 2 weeks which will be 2 months after my last gamma knife. What symtoms of edema have you experienced?  What can you do in regards to edema? Linda - I know how muc you know about this stuff :)


Many impossible things have been accomplished for those who refuse to quit

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My husbands scans on Feb. 24th have shown 2 lytic lesions on T8, T9 & T10 and 1 lytic lesion on his right pelvis.  He underwent a needle biopsy while in the hospital for ipi induced hepatoxicity.  It confirmed they were metastatic melanoma.

He is currently on mega doses of methylprednisolone.  We are getting repeat scans on April 9th to see if we see evidence of shrinkage or growth.  At that time he will be 8 weeks post ipi induction phase.  He is currently off study due to his side effects.  His oncologist has ruled out any immunological treatments at this time due to the severity of the ipi side effects.

She is currently talking about doing a bone strengthening treatment, Zometa at his appointment on the 9th.  She is looking at Temodar as his next treatment.  I am concerned about Temodar since it may have a limited life and he currently has no brain involvement.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


We don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.

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Denise - Wife of Mike Stage 4's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2012 - 9:35pm

Hello everyone.  I remember all too well the day in 2006 when my husband was diagnosed with Stage 3C nodular melanoma.  It was the most difficult time in our lives.  We had 2 young daughters - had just settled into a new home - and we spent years in a battle with this beast.  My husband was moved into a Stage 4 category too - another devastating blow. 

After a year of Interferon, 3 surgeries, and a month of radiation....we waited to see what would happen.  Regular CAT scans and monitoring took place for a few years.  And what I have to report is really good news that I hope can give you some strength today.

Because I remember how much it helped to read stories of survival - I wanted to come back  and post a positive note to everyone.  Even though I am scared to tempt fate and report back how well my husband is doing......I know how much hope it can give to everyone in the blackest days.  He is proof you can "live" at Stage "4".

I used to post as Denise (Wife of Mike Stage 3C) there may be people here who remember me.

I am happy to say that in May of 2012 my husband will be a survivor of this disease and is now heading into his 6th year of survival. 

My husband's initial prognosis was bad.

Clark Level 5 Nodular  ~  6mm Breslow  ~ 50 Mitotic rate  ~  Staged at 3C immediately ~ Ulceration was found at 3mm ~ Microsatellites Present

His neck dissection and later surgeries removed over 70 lymph nodes and 4 were positive for melanoma.  He had facial reconstruction surgery with a flap of skin from his leg (used on his cheek about the size of a bread slice), and it took a lot of physiotherapy to restore mobility in the arm and leg that had nodes removed as well.

Those were dark and difficult days.  But things have been stable for a while now.  And when I wake up these days, my first thought isn't about cancer anymore. 

I hope this gives you hope.  My best wishes for you all. I know what a hard battle you fight.



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MeNDave's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2012 - 9:04pm

Well, we got Dave's scan results yesterday, and they were not what we expected.  There has been growth of all existing tumors, and now there are 10 small lesions in both lungs and 11 on his liver.  We are devastated, as all of these developed in the past 6 weeks.  He was given the choice of doing Yervoy and monitor the eye issue, or move to a clinical trial somewhere else.  He did not offer the MDX-1105.

Any suggestions, or experiences with Yervoy and liver mets would be appreciated.

Thank God for this board.  I don't know what I would do without all of you.

Now, back to the trenches,


Don't ever, EVER, give up!

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Lucassi's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2012 - 10:05pm
Replies by: Lucassi, bruski1959

After 2 year NED my husband is now stage 4.  A needle biopsy confirmed metastatic melanoma in the lung.  The oncologist is recommending Yervoy.  Mike has Medicare and supplemental coverage with AARP, plan F.  I know that Medicare will cover 80% of the drug cost but I do not know if the supplemental insurance covers this type of drug/treatment.  Was hoping someone on this board may have the answer.  I do plan to call the insurance in the morning but wanted to find out if someone else has a similar insurance situation.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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CLPrice31's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2012 - 3:41pm
Replies by: Roxy1453, Gene_S, audgator

Hi all. I am currently participating in the ipi/placebo trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. I have developed this rash recently and it's covering a large portion of my body now. Because I am in Virginia, I can't exactly slip to Sloan to have them check it. I have called, spoken to the new research nurse, and still have no answers. The rash does not itch but I don't know what else it could be from... In the months since I have been on this trial, I have only had a rash when I've felt sick. The rash does not bother me, it doesn't itch, it just exists. It's so strange. I haven't changed ANYTHING about my life...No new soaps, food, detergent,medicines, etc.


Sometimes I hate being on a trial with a newish drug because I don't know what to expect and what is or isn't normal.


I posted pictures of my rash last week.


It has spread to more areas on my body now. Mostly on my stomach and legs. Like I said, it doesn't hurt. It is just THERE.


Has anyone else had this happen?

"The odds are that the...the odds mean crap. So people should face it, and they should fight." ~Grey's Anatomy.

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