Alyssa Terlingo

A Christmas Miracle


My journey began in the summer of 2009. I noticed a freckle on my forehad that became darker and darker over time. I decided to go and get it checked out. My dermatologist took a sample and said she would call me in two weeks for results. Two weeks went by and she brought me in to the office. She advised me that I get it re-excised for precautionary reasons. So I went to a plastic surgeon and had it removed again. I got called back for results and was told it was pre-melanoma. The suregon or dermatologist never told me to come back for check ups. This past October of 2013, I noticed another freckle just below my previous scar. This time I felt pain in my forehead - a pinging pain. My boyfriend kept telling me to get it checked. I made an appointment and they took another sample of my freckle on my forehead. Two weeks later I got a call that it is defintely melanoma. I was so sad and upset that this was happening again. My boyfriend was devistated and was trying to hold it together for me and for us. I had an emergency appointment the next day for a body scan where three more freckles were removed. I made an appointment at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia for a Pet Scan. My lymph node lit up so my doctor wanted to remove it at the time of surgery to test it. My surgery was scheduled for December 4th, 2013. I was put under for the first time and and was scared to death. I had a plastic surgeon also work on the removal of the melanoma because it was on my forehead. They had to go pretty deep to get it all and I still have an indented scar that has not fully healed yet. On December 20th I received my results: absolultely cancer free! I cried tears of joy! Best Christmas gift ever! I hope to inspire others with my story. Pale is the new tan!

Wed, 2014-04-23


brittanyx - (5/24/2014 - 4:00am)

I just read your story, and you have given me hope. I have melanoma, and I have my bad days where i'm just a mess. But then I read stories like these and they inspire me and give me hope that I can beat this! Thank you for sharing your story! 

alyssatee - (5/25/2014 - 12:46am)

Brittany, you are not alone! I felt the same way and then I found this page and can relate to everyone on here. I am hosting a fundraiser to benefit the melanoma research foundation! If you'd like, you can email me or fb me if you need to talk. I know what you are going through. I am glad my story inspired you! It's been a long journey, but I beat it! Support is keen for us! My email is 

You will beat this!