Camille Stauss

Stage IV melanoma survivor. Two years of stable scans after successful IL2 treatments.


I was diagnosed  in 2010...melanoma in my back. After several treatments I started one year of interferon treatments. After one year my melanoma spread to my lungs. I went to UCLA and Angles Research Instutute only to find out I needed to have bigger tumors to qualify for treatments... Let my cancer grow??? 

The other option was IL2. I would have a 5% chance it would work.

That's what I did. I have now had stable scans for the past two years. My doctor smiled and hugged me during my apt  two weeks ago. He believes I am cancer free. I am going to go on 6 month CT scans now. I want to help and encourage anyone who needs support. I truly know the helpless feeling of being scared. I had my family record the IL2 treatments because before I started them there was no actual video of the treatments and I didn't know what to expect. My doctor nominated me for a candidates to represent the Cancer Center in Orange is the Circle of Life fundraiser. I am hope. When I read the chances and statistics two years ago, I closed the book and chose to not let that be me. 

Sat, 2016-01-02


Laurie flora - (3/31/2016 - 3:28pm)

I'm so comforted by your story my fiancée was just diagnosed with malignant melanoma and sent to a cardio thoracic surgeon and now has to go through the same thing all over again because the surgeon isn't satisfied with the other dr. Results he's been coughing up blood for 2 months now. We live in Tennessee in a small town he's 58 years old is there any advice you can give us. I want him better and this is just a scary road we are traveling. In tears Laurie