Charlie Sheehan

Went in for a routine check up and now I must deal with melanoma.


Always loved the sun - even those tanning beds. I should have known better. My wife always told me to stop the tanning beds, but I though I was invincible (I found out I was not). For the last 15 years I always went to the skin doc, and he always found something to remove, but I still kept tanning. I have a boat and love it.

On September 11, 2015, I was told I have Stage II melanoma. After the surgery, I was told I now have Stage IIIA and I have to have my lumph nodes removed under my right arm. The doc recommended Yervoy, so I did some research and while speaking with the doc, she and I thought since Yervoy was just approved by the FDA, it must be a sign of a good thing to come. 

I elected to take the treatment. The first treatment I had a very bad rash. I should have stopped then. The second treatment, nothing happened, but the third treatment put me in the hospital for two weeks. I was discharged, and one week later, I was back in the hospital. I couldn't work for almost two months. I had horrible headaches, unlike any others I had ever had. 

I stopped all treatment and now, until I get better, they put me on steriod shots. I'm also taking B12 shots . It's been a very rough and trying year. I feel I made the wrong decision in my treatment and throughout my life. I do not wish this onto anyone, as I have had every one of the bad side effects from Yervoy. I know it only happens to 1-5% of the people but my life is not the same any more and it sucks. 

Please be careful out there in the sun and do not use tanning beds. Thank you!

Tue, 2016-12-27


Fireguykirk - (4/28/2017 - 7:01pm)

How has life been for you since you had your lymph nodes removed? I am facing potentially doing the same thing

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