Maria Dina

I thought I had a problem with hemorrhoids, so I was floored by my diagnosis.


What I was originallly told by my gastroenterologist was he could not biopsy the polypoid mass he discovered during my colonoscopy because he wasn't sure if it was vascular or hemorroidal. He suggested a colorectal surgeon, and told me to see him as soon as possible. I scheduled an appointment for that afernoon.

The surgeon examined me, which was extremely uncomfortable, and said "we need to stage this and get the histology ASAP".  I said, you're saying this is cancer?  He replied, "yes, its adenocarcinoma, and I recommend we remove the rectum, and do a permanent colostomy".  We scheduled an appointment for a Rectal ultrasound, where he took five biopsies. He then advised me that the initial diagnosis was incorrect, that the pathologists determined it to be Mucosal Melanoma in the rectum. I had never heard of this, and was shocked to learn how rare and aggressive it is.

I sought out a second opinion with Dr. Zubin Bamboat, at HUMC. He was so compassionate, and understanding. He examined me, and sent me for additional tests, and explained that he disagreed with the first surgeon. He was able to resect the tumor and get clear margins, and preserve the bowel function. I have not had treatment, since January. 

I have been monitored closely, and was recently diagnosed with a metastatic lesion near my tailbone. My oncologist is now scheduling me for Yervoy, and I am hoping for a successful outcome.

Tue, 2014-04-01


maria d - (3/5/2016 - 9:15am)

I tried Yervoy, but the sacrum tumor progressed.

I was then put on Keytruda, and again progressed.

I was put on high dose Carbo/Paclitaxel every 3 weeks for 6 treatments. I also received Neulasta injections, the day after my infusions. It put me in remission..yay!

I have been doing maintenance with Opdivo for a little over a year.

Well for the past 2 months or so, been having problems with hemmorhoids.. treating with suppositories and lidocaine gel. Telling my Oncologist, and his Nurse Practitioner at each visit.  I voiced my concern, since that is where it started. I was advised to check with my Gastro. 

Saw my Gastro, and was scheduled for Sigmoidoscopy..and a procedure to reduce painful hems. I awoke in recovery, and my Gastro informed me, this was not hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, it's a recurrence.

I had a PET Scan, and was told, that in addition to a 10 cm mass, I have multiple lymph node involvementon both sides of my groin.

Awaiting consult with Radiological Oncologist. Surgical Oncolgist believes that should be done first.



Frillie - (1/13/2018 - 1:26am)

So sorry to read all that you've been through. How are you now? Sending love...