Robert Stevenson

After surgery six years ago for a skin melanoma, I am back in treatment for stage IV. I am doing interleukin 2 and feel that i have a good chance to beat this thing.

I was diagnosed six years ago with stage I melanoma.  I went through surgery and a lymph node removal and was told all was clear.  My life resumed normally after that scare and my wife, Ches, and I celebrated when we went passed the five year mark.  Well, surprise, surprise.  This last summer I noticed a lump in my latissimus muscle.  My doctor thought it would be benign, but with my history, we had surgery.  Yikes.  Turned out it was melanoma, but the surgeon and pathology showed that all was removed and margins were clear.  To be safe we did  a PET scan.  Then the truth emerged.  I was found to have five more possible lesions in my body and was diagonosed with stage IV.  The support from my family and my friends has been unbelievable.  After doing research and talking to doctors I think that there are therapies that will help.  We are postponing IPI and Zelboraf for the BRAF gene until I undergo IL 2 therapy, which I am actually starting today,  Oct. 17.  I am full of hope as the lesions are only in muscles and feel a positive attitude is the way to go.  What has been inspirational are the stories I have read from fellow patients on this site.  You all have given me reason to believe.  Thank you!!


fenny - (10/26/2011 - 3:39am)

We're Chinese. My sister was diagnosed with Stage I Vaginal Melanoma January 2010. After going through 2 surgeries and 13 cycles of chemo therapy, she was found to have relapse this August. PET/CT scan shows regional lymph node metastases.  She is now in great despair coz we've running out of money. The new therapy given by an authority doctor in Beijing Tumor Hospital costs RMB100,000 a month. The medication she's now taking are as follows: 1. TMZ 2. Avastin 3. Sorafenib (for PM). I'd like to talk to you about our history and see how the new therapy goes with you. Did you ever try IPI? Do you know something about the clinical trial Anti-Pd1, which is said to be more effective and little side effects? What is IL2 you're now on?  Would you like to contact me at ? My mobile: 13599511827. If possible, would you please tell me your email address so that we can communicate with each other? Thanks.


Fenny from Fujian, China

Make Each Second Count!

- (2/24/2012 - 3:49pm)

I feel What you are saying and feeling.

I had Melanoma in 2004 thought I would never see it again. One week ago, I was told it came back.

I go in for surg in April.

Good luck to you. I know you will beat this again. All ways see the positive.

Best Regards


erlpreston - (1/27/2013 - 2:58pm)

I'd be interested to learn how your IL2 thearapy went.  I start my first cycle 1/29/13 at UPMC Pittsburgh. 

wpotter - (12/30/2013 - 9:50am)

I hear determination in your story! I am coming up on my 5 year mark in a matter of weeks. I have dealt with 4 basal cells during that time, but no melanoma fortunately. I have an appt with a new dermatologist next week to check a suspicious mole on my left shin. .. Same leg as original site. Keeping my fingers crossed. Also taking my 11 yo with me for his second visit to monitor some suspicious moles. Melanoma is on both sides of his family with a strong prevalence in my family.
I will be thinking of you and your journey. Keep fighting the Fight!