My cancer story.


I had a mole removed on the back of my neck due to my wife's and mother's request, it was biopsied only to come back positive for malignant melanoma with the BRAF protein present. The margins weren`t quite as clear as the oncologist liked so I had approximately a 3 inch diameter circle removed as well, biopsies were clear this time.


I had noticed a small lump on the right side of my neck, the oncologist did a needle biopsy, it came back positive. I had surgery to remove the tumor as well as 69 lymph nodes, only one came back positive for melanoma. I was sent for a PET scan and no other metastasis were found.


I began to have very sharp shooting pains in my head, almost pulsing. I had seen my GP and he told me to take tylenol and the if the pain continued for more the a week or two, to come back and see him. A couple days later, while shopping, I suddenly got very faint and felt as though I was about to pass out. The headaches got worse and I went to the ER. They immediately put me in for an MRI which came back showing a 2.5 cm lesion on the back of my left lobe of my brain. I was also sent for a body CT, this came back showing lesions in the bottom of my right lobe of my lung. I had surgery to remove the tumor from my brain and then underwent 10 treatments of radiation to my entire brain. Once the more important metastasis was taken care of, I then underwent surgery to remove the bottom third of my right lung. As per the previous surgeries, this one was successful.


During a routine CT scan a small lesion was found on my left adrenal gland, it was approximately 2 cm at this time. Surgery was scheduled for 3 months later, it was planned as a laproscopic surgery just to remove the adrenal gland. Surgery was at 9am, and I was told I would be awake about noon. When I did open my eyes it was dark outside, I was then informed of what had happened. The tumor had grown so fast and attached to a few more places than just the adrenal gland. They ended up having to bring in a second surgeon and ended up having to remove the adrenal gland, my left kidney, 10-12 cm of tumor and the very bottom of my pancreas. It was however, successful.


During another routine scan, they found some small hotspots in the liver area, and I was sent for a PET scan. The results came back clear on the liver, however there were two small lesions in the bottom of my left femur. I have an appointment to see the radiologist again about the possibility to do radiation this time.


I just wanted to share my story with the rest of you out there. And to thank my amazing support system, my family for giving me a reason to keep on fighting, and most of all my beautiful wife and my handsome lil dude, they are the reaon I get up every morning, love you guys!

Wed, 2014-07-23


Melancholy - (12/18/2014 - 9:38am)

Thank you for this story of hope. We are new on the journey, my beautiful wife of 5 months was just diagnosed. We will not know stage for certain until surgery is over next week. It is so affirming and encouraging to know that others have walked this path before us (though the path is different for each person). Best wishes to you and your family and never stop fighting!

antonio1 - (3/12/2016 - 12:06am)

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Your Sincerely

Marilynliz - (9/12/2016 - 3:42pm)

Pretty scary story to read at this point as I am waiting for my second biopsy report. The first excisional biopsy came back positive with "scatter" in the margins, so I was scheduled and underwent a second biopsy of a much larger and deeper square of tissue. I now have 5 inches of stitches across the front of my neck. We will see if this, I call it a "shotgun approach",shows clean margins. If I am so lucky, I can anticipate 6 month check ups with the dermatologist...if not, if the margins aren't clean, I am just hoping that I don't follow a course like your cancer did.  I know of people who have died from complications of melanoma. I am very happy to hear that in spite of the recurrences and metastases, you are still with us. I am so sorry to hear that you and your family have had to deal with so much...but glad to know that even though the bad stuff, the stuff we all fear, happened to you, you were able to be treated and survive. Thanks for sharing your story.