Vania Navarro

Discovered a Stage IV melanoma...


Hi everyone, I'm Vania's daughter. We're from Brazil, so, I'm really sorry for my bad English.

My mom had a mole in the right leg forever, and noticed that it changed a little, it got a little bigger and darker. So she went to the dermatologist, that looked and said that it should be taken off for a biopsy. The biopsy took 3 weeks to be ready, and we got very nervous about it. So, when the result came, it showed that it was a Stage IV melanoma. The doctor said that she should have another surgery that would take off more tissue from around the mole, and have a biopsy of the sentinel lymph node. The biopsy came back positive, so the doctor recommended another surgery, to take the other lymph node.

She also had a petscan, that was clean, and I thank God for it! We are waiting for the results of this surgery, and we're very nervous.

I'm researching a lot about this disease and I found this website, and that is like a blessing, because I saw many people that had a Stage IV melanoma and have lived for a lot of years. When I researched about the life expectancy, I began to panic. I hope I have good news about the next results...

Thank you for your atenttion.

Sun, 2014-06-15