Patient Stories

A melanoma diagnosis can fill you with uncertainty. Sharing experiences and reading the stories of others who have been through similar situations can be comforting and reassuring.

Read through the stories below, or submit your story.

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Every single day is a Gift. Fight Strong-Live Long
After surgery six years ago for a skin melanoma, I am back in treatment for stage IV. I am doing interleukin 2 and feel that i have a good chance to beat this thing.
I have stage IIIb Melanoma.
A family that doesn't give up...but takes our loss as our inspiration!
I thought I was being proactive about my family history when I talked to dermatologists about my concerns...
When I was diagnosed with Stage 2a melanoma at age 40, I was not sure what it meant for me. I quickly found out. I wish I never thought a tan was more important than my life.
Diagnosed at 16 years old with Malignant Melanoma, Stage IIC, Courtney continues to have hope, faith, and a determination to beat this...
I am winning my fight with PLX4032! A strong spirit and positive attitude will take you a long way. BELIEVE! This can be beat.
Beating Melanoma!
I have since learned that being beautiful is NOT about being tan.