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Joined: 01/09/2016
the patient
Stage 4

In April, 2015, a dermatologist removed a 9mm thick ulcerated growth off my chest and the total visit was 18 minutes. To reassure me, she told me she'd seen such growths before and didn't think it...

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Joined: 12/24/2014
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Joined: 04/25/2018
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Joined: 06/03/2000
the patient
Stage 4

April 28 Removal of mole upper right shoulder.

May 01- Diagnosis Malignant Melanoma

June 26-Wide and deep excision posterior RT shoulder

and sentinel node biopsy.


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Joined: 01/15/2001
the patient's husband
Stage 4

Original melanoma on left foot removed in March 97. December 97 nodules in the lymph nodes of the left groin were removed. Following head symptoms in October 98 a tumour was removed by surgery but...

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Joined: 01/30/2015
the patient
Unknown Stage

Surgical excision
Sentinel node biopsy - negative
University Medical Center Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Daniel Kirgan

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Joined: 03/16/2013
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Joined: 10/06/2016
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Joined: 05/11/2011
the patient
Stage 4

I am in South Africa.
Skin cancer identified as in-situ malignent melanoma removed from outer right ear lobe 2006
Started coughing in Jan 2011 and initial x-ray revealed lesion in...

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Joined: 04/04/2012
the patient
Stage 4

Primary right ear removed 2006.
Incidental chest X-ray Feb 2011 indicated tumor in RML.
Final diagnosis throuigh Pet Scan confirmed cancer.
Surgery 11/4/2011 to undertake...


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