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Profiles provide people affected by melanoma a forum to tell their stories and to find others who may be in a similar place with their melanoma diagnosis and treatment. You can browse the profiles below or search based on certain criteria to learn about others who may share a similar path.

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Anna Marie
Joined: 11/11/2010
the patient
Stage 3

Totsl resection of Lphnodes
Interferone 1 year

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Joined: 09/27/2013
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Joined: 04/03/2012
the patient

My dad has stage IV and is on his third round of IPI and I just had a mole on my left forearm come back as melanom in situ in December 2011. I had another mole removed from my back in February...

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Joined: 05/13/2011
the patient
Unknown Stage
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Joined: 07/26/2017
the patient's daughter
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Joined: 11/07/2013
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Joined: 09/16/2014
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Joined: 09/09/2017
the patient's daughter
Stage 4
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Joined: 03/07/2004
the patient's wife

This is the journal of my husband's two year battle with melanoma.


February 18, 1949

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Joined: 04/12/2017
the patient
Unknown Stage


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