MRF Honor Roll of Donors

The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is the largest independent organization devoted to melanoma because of the support of our most generous donors. The MRF gratefully recognizes these individuals and families who give in support of our mission. 

Visionaries Circle 

The Visionaries Circle is a giving society of donors who share the vision of finding a cure or treatment for melanoma. Members of the Melanoma Research Foundation’s Visionaries Circle make gift commitments of $25,000 or more to support MRF’s cutting edge research to prevent, treat and cure melanoma as well as activities which elevate the impact of our organization in the fight against melanoma. Thank you to these donors who have made the commitment to join the Visionaries Circle:  
Champion Way Foundation, Inc.
Dana & William Boden
William Canon Family Foundation
Cavan Family Foundation
John Dagres and Jack Odell
Susan Fazio Foundation for Melanoma Research
Shelley & Jonathan Isaacson 
Lisa & Michael Nash 
Salah Foundation 
Steve Silverstein Fund 
Mark Wahlberg 
Alison & Mark Weinzierl 
Mike Wells of Toyota Financial Services in memory of Jill Appleby
The Estate of Robert Werner 

Champions Circle 

Melanoma Champions provide critical support for research, education and advocacy activities at the MRF. The following list acknowledges the individuals and families who made outright gifts and/or pledge payments of $1,000 or more in fiscal year 2013. 
Thank you to these donors who have made the commitment to become a Melanoma Champion:
Platinum Champion
Monica Jensen Foundation, Inc
Donald Mauer
Roslyn Milstein Meyer & Jerome Meyer Foundation
Our M.O.M. Inc.
Point Pleasant Boro Rotary Foundation
Deborah Robbins
Thatcher Foundation
Leonard Warren Melanoma Foundation
Zaimi Charitable Lead Unitrust
Gold Champion
Barbara Baumstein
Vicki & John Crum
Jill & Jeffrey Degen
Gee Family Foundation
J. C. Kennedy Foundation Inc.
Laurie Ann Jacoby
George Jameson
Lutz Family Foundation
The Jan & David McNair Family Fund
Pauline Morgan
Lear & Gary Pfeiffer
Diane & David Neumann
Cheryl & Michael Stratos
Lynn Silverstein & Jesse Levine
Silver Champion
Barbara & Ronald Berke
Maria Carson & Pierre Breber
Judith & Louis Bury
Judy & Jim Dorsey
The James Esker Foundation, Inc.
Rhonda & Peter James
Mark and Gayle Lerch Family Foundation
June & Charles Andrew McDougall
Rebecca Fish & Jonathan Scanlon
Michael and Ruth Margolin Donor Advised Fund
Miles Against Melanoma MO-St. Joseph
Modestus Bauer Foundation
Melinda & Stephen Morris
Sherry Tack
Mikal Thomsen
Truitt Foundation
Wesley Walton
Tracy & Matthew Welge
Amy Wendel & Daniel Meisel
Bronze Champion
Julie & Hugh Allen
Peter Anderson
Jeffrey Ashby
Florance Barad
Bartenbach Foundation Trust
Bayless Charitable Fund
Patricia & Scott Baynton
Nancy & Thomas Berry
Bershad Family Foundation
Sheryl & Paul Bieniawski
Jeanne & Ross Bierkan
Asahel Bloomer/Caroline Bloomer Charitable Trust
Abigail & Barrett Boston
Monica & Robert Breslow
Mai Britt & Joseph Hahn
Sara & Dylan Brown
Eileen Bryant
Judith & Louis Bury
Lynn Wertke Carroll
Jessica & Barton Clark
Brian Cohen
Chrissy Coffman
Dorothy & Kevin Collins
Thomas Conklin, Jr.
David Cooper
Margaret-Ann & Joseph Comito
Bradley Cuddeback
Linda Sue & Donel Davis
Robert Davis
Laura Rae & Thomas Elken
Robert and Rosemary Emnett Family Fund
Rhea Eskew
Gillian Evans
Joe Fazio
Susan Fenster
Susan & Steven Fialkow
Barbara Hackman Franklin & Wallace Barnes
Jane & Jeffrey Freitag
Patricia & Paul Gallagher
Douglass Garibaldi
Renee Gauri
Kristin & Richard Gil
Jacqueline & Hulet Gregory
John Grierson Fund
Mary Gullixson
Brian Hanley Fund
Daniel Harrington
Lisa & Jeffrey Harris
Thomas Hawley
Timothy Heitmann
Ronald Heller
Judith & Anthony Hendrickson
Diana Hetzel
Nancy Hinckley & Casey Dowdell
Karen & Delwyn Hocker
Jill & Matthew Brian Hooven
Chris Iorillo
Roe Jasen
April & James Jordan
Dawn & Steven Kallio
Ronald Katzman in memory of Marjorie Katzman
Maria Kenny
Michelle & Jacob Kent
Elizabeth & Patrick Kilgo
Jane Kingsbury
William Kingsbury
Klein Kirby
Ida & Dag Kittlaus
Cathy & William Koesters
Carolyn Kuhn
Greg Lachenmayer
Jacqueline & Salvadore Leccese
Philip Leming
Cheryl Lewis
Mary Jo & Randy Lomax
Alex Lukianov
Kathryn Mangum
Michelle McCarty
James McGroddy
Ken McLaughlin
Mary Ellen McPhelim
Joanne Meeley
Mark Miller
Sheila & David Mitchell
Ann & David Moeller
Melissa Motz
Michelle & Anthony Myers
Millie Newton
Maria Nightingale
Mildred Olson
Nadine & William O'Malley
Thomas Park
Margie & Mitchell Parker
Dana & John Pellizzari
Nathan Podsakoff
Ruby Opal Ream
Thomas Rosato Foundation
Meryl Rosenblatt
Heather & Byron Ross
Rebecca Sandy & Ismael Pineiro
Ilene & Harry Schall
Fred Scholder
Susan & Michael Schwab
Rowena Shaffer
Shethar Foundation
Jacqueline Simon
Donna Holverson & Brian Smith
Phyllis & Raymond Smith
Rita & Darryl Solberg
Kurt Somerville
Annette Soper & Robin Shinn
Corinne & Joseph Stoker
Karen & Robert Stramy
Grace & Alex Tackman
Anne & William Tatlock
M. Scott Trimboli
Frank Venezia
Ben Vivari
VMWare Foundation
Melissa Wachterman & Benjamin Sommers
Don & Zelma Waggoner Foundation
Claire & Thomas Wallace
Jill & Mike Wells
Austin Wenger
Kimberly & Charles White
Marcia & Walter Wood
Kendall Young
The above list reflects the MRF's most generous donors as of 3/1/2014. We strive to keep this list updated regularly but in case of error or omission, please contact us at (202) 742-5904 or