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Published biannually, Eye on OM provides subscribers updates on events, new research and treatment advances, and legislative and policy actions related to Ocular, Choroidal and Uveal Melanoma. Below, you'll find PDFs of our most recent issues. Want to subscribe? Join Our Mailing List!

March 2013


  • Over $800,000 raised for ocular melanoma research
  • Two new proposals to be funded over 2 years, from:
    • Levi Garraway, MD, PhD, from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute
    • John Sondek, PhD, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Highlights from the CURE OM Patient and Caregiver Meeting


October 2012



May 2012


  • Inaugural Issue
  • Eyes on a Cure Patient and Caregiver Symposium
  • Upcoming Events