Valance Newman

October 8, 1970 to April 30, 2013

Valance Roy Newman, born October 8, 1970, in Kansas City, Mo, and died on April 30, 2013 in Escondido, Ca. Funeral services were held in San Marcos, Ca & my son was inurned by his mom Diane M. Newman-Gregerson aka Diane M. Gregerson on May 9, 2013 in San Marcos, Ca.

Val as I or we called him all his life was my only son who was 3 weeks premature at birth and started his small young life in an incubator due jaundice & his small weight size in St. Mary's Hospital in Kansas City, MO. We lived in Kansas a short time while I worked for Southwestern Bell but we moved back to California where I had been raised and lived & married Val's father who was from KC, KS.

Val as a baby was a very bright child who I enhanced his life w/a musical mobile over his crib and beautiful artwork on the walls and music around him at all times while he was little and began to grow stronger & bigger through my constant feeding of him every 3 hours once he came home from the hospital after 9 days in an incubator. I had to feed Val every 3 hrs and he doubled his weight at 1 month to 10lbs from his 5 lbs at birth. Val loved me to read to him and every time we went to the store while he was in the grocery cart he always wanted a new book so I would buy it for him and read of course to him and I took him to the library at 3 1/2-4yrs old to start checking out books. At our local library they had little earphones that he put on while we sat a table and would follow the book in reading and that is how Val learned to read. At 4 1/2 yrs old I taught Val, Spanish and we did that by making it a game while driving in the car everyday to pre-school and to kindergarten. He picked up Spanish very quickly and then followed his mom's footsteps and took Spanish in junior high school & high school & college. We traveled to Mexico and Baja California when he was still in high school for surfing trips and vacations for enjoyment. Val's high school graduation present was a trip to Mazatlan for one week w/his graduating class at El Camino High School 1988 in Oceanside, Ca. .He then went to our local junior college Mira Costa for 2 yrs. which I did right out of high school as well then transferred his credits to UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara. He graduated w/majors of pre-law & social science. He immediately took residency in LA and went to work for a law firm in West Hollywood where he became the office manager of the firm. He worked for the law firm for over 12 yrs and also obtained his law degree(doctorate) at Glendale University of Law. Val went on to work as a manager and lawyer at Directv in San Diego and relocated himself back to the San Diego county where he grew up in Oceanside, Ca predominantly. During his years at law school Val became acquainted w/his now wife Marie Newman who is the mother of our only granddaughter Ava.

They are the most beautiful family and loved each other very much. Each day was golden to them and my granddaughter Ava, Val & Marie's only child grew beautifully and attends grade school here in San Diego County.

Our loss of my only son my granddaughter's father and my daughter-in-laws' husband is a huge void in our lives. Val was so much a part of our lives everyday and was also at his work at Directv who dedicated a conference room after my son Valance Roy Newman in commemoration of his steadfast & dedicated work and relationships he built w/all the employees at the San Diego Office of Directv. Val also was a trainer for the company who was federally certified by Department of Homeland Security. Val had many friends from especially Oceanside and San Diego areas but had friends from Santa Barbara, LA and many parts of the country. Val I am so proud to be (Val's mom) and will always be Val's mom. Val was the first great grandchild of my grandfather from Yugoslavia who came to this country in 1905 and was the father of my father who I am the first daughter and first granddaughter and so proudly so. Val is survived by mother,Diane M. Newman-Gregerson, daughter, Ava, wife, Marie and 2 step siblings and father Roy. We pray for everyday the fight to eradicate this horrible disease metastatic melanoma with a cure and mandatory precautions taken for others never to suffer w/such a hideous disease of cancer. May God Bless my son Valance Roy Newman in all his struggles and efforts to conquer and be a warrior for metastatic melanoma. Diane M. Newman-Gregerson, mother.