Linda E. Campbell - Loving mother, wife, friend, and family member.

January 7, 1961 to June 10, 2013

This picture was taken during one of my brother ben and I's wrestling meet. Names in order: (Ben, Linda, Bill(my dad), and me.

My mother recently passed away from stage IV melanoma cancer. I thought I should share her story with the community. My name is Sam Campbell, I am 16 years old and live in Wisconsin. I grew up with loving, amazing parents, who have never lied to me or done anything to hurt anybody. They did everything for me. I was living a happy life until my mom was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. It is unfair how cancer can take the life of the most kind, amazing, and loving person I have ever met in my life. She always put others before herself no matter what. I would have friends over and she would yell down into the basement every half hour asking to make us food, she cleaned the house and cleaned everyones mess, and always made sure everyone was fed before herself. She is the strongest fighter I have ever met, after battling numerous tumors in her lungs, liver, lymphnodes, and one close to her heart for a surprising 8 months. Even on her worst days with chemotherapy and agonizing sickness, she would come watch me compete in wrestling and track and field. Not to mention, she also raised 3 other amazing children. Scott, 23, Elizabeth, 21, Ben, 18, and of course Tilli who is her 150lbs english mastiff whom she loved to death(she had an obsession with big dogs because they are "more to love") She raised us to be the best we could be, and to have amazing hearts and to care for others. She would always say throughout her last days, "I don't feel bad for myself, there are people out there who have it much worse than me". It is truly amazing how strong she was, and she did not let go and pass away until all of us were surrounding her on the hospital bed. That day she did not open her eyes once, she was too weak, until the moment before she died when she opened her eyes and looked at all of us, then passed away.