Rich Cary

March 7, 1952 to April 18, 2010

Rich loved his life. Rich loved finding the right home for his clients. Rich loved to travel and was always planning his next trip. Rich loved to sing and shared his beautiful Irish tenor voice with one and all. Rich loved Art. His idea of a great day was to spend it in a museum, any museum, anywhere in the world. Rich loved to create art whether it was one of his paintings or pottery, it was a joy to him. Rich loved learning. After receiving a BA and MFA in art, Rich continued to learn everyday. The world held so much that Rich wanted to know about. Rich loved a good joke, especially a good pun. He was a master punster. Rich loved going to a good movie. Rich loved his family, his wife, children, daughter-in-law, Mom, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews. Rich loved being in the midst of his family or good friends whom he considered family. He was always anxious to return home at the end of the day to be with 'his bride'.
This kind and loving man developed melanoma in May, 2008. It started with a mole on his back. The melanoma had already metastasized to his lymph nodes. Rich underwent a year of Interferon therapy. Rich had all the side effects, but he stuck it out. He wanted to beat this cancer. After finishing the Interferon therapy Rich felt good for about 4 months, went back to work and felt great. Then a routine CT scan showed metastasis in his lung. So Rich underwent a lobectomy. Six weeks later Rich developed vertigo. Mets to the brain and liver. Six weeks ago all his scans had been negative. Rich died on a lovely April evening 2010, with his family at his bedside.
Rich, we hear your songs, your laughter, your jokes and see your curiosity, your intelligence and your love of life reflected in your children.
We miss you everyday, yet you are always with us.