CURE OM, the MRF's Initiative on Ocular Melanoma

Founded in 2011, CURE OM (the Community United for Research and Education of Ocular Melanoma) is the MRF's initiative to increase awareness, education, treatment and research funding for ocular melanoma, while improving the lives of people affected by this disease. The CURE OM initiative excels because of the hard work and dedication of the CURE OM Steering Committee, the CURE OM Scientific Steering Committee and the MRF Staff

CURE OM’s Mission

The mission of CURE OM is to support research and accelerate the development of effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for ocular melanoma through innovative strategies including international and interdisciplinary collaborations; to improve the lives of people affected by ocular melanoma by creating systems and programs to provide education and support; and to advocate for the ocular melanoma community.

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Donate to the CURE OM initiative

CURE OM's work is critically important and would not be possible without the generosity of its supporters. Making a donation is simple and your tax-deductible gift will directly support CURE OM! Just click HERE to donate online! You can also email with "CURE OM Donation" in the subject line!

CURE OM's Education Program

CURE OM's education program includes a variety of educational and supportive resources for ocular melanoma patients and the people who support them. 

Eyes on a Cure: Patient & Caregiver Symposium

Save the date! The 2019 Eyes on a Cure: Patient & Caregiver Symposium will be on April 5-7 in Raleigh, NC. Additional details and a draft agenda will be available soon - stay tuned!

The 2018 Patient & Caregiver Symposium was held on on April 20-22, 2018 in Denver, CO. View slides and video recordings from the symposium presentations. 

CURE OM Webinars

View our webinars on ocular melanoma

Ocular Melanoma Resources

Learn about supportive and financial resources, view physician lists and connect with other ocular melanoma patients by visiting our Ocular Melanoma Resources page. 

CURE OM Patient Support Programs

OM Support Groups

Ocular melanoma support groups are a joint effort by Thomas Jefferson University Oncology Social Workers and CURE OM to provide national virtual support groups to patients and caregivers. 

CURE OM's Research Program

Learn about ocular melanoma research grants that have been awarded. To date, over $1.2 million has been given out in CURE OM-specific research grants.

Patient and Caregiver Grant Review Committee

Have you ever wanted to have a voice in the OM research community? CURE OM started a committee for patients and caregivers to give their feedback on scientific proposals that are searching for grant funding. For more information, contact Lauren Johnston, CURE OM Program Manager, at

About Ocular Melanoma

Ocular melanoma is a form of melanoma that develops in the eye. It is the most common eye cancer in adults and the second most common type of melanoma. Approximately 2,000 Americans are diagnosed with ocular melanoma each year, and 50 percent of these cases spread to other parts of the body. When this occurs, it is most often fatal.

There are treatments to help alleviate symptoms and extend life, but there is no known cure for ocular melanoma. Visit our ocular melanoma section to learn more about this type of melanoma, and visit our clinical trial finder to find out about new, emerging treatment options. You may also like to download the OM Fact Sheet