Types of Melanoma Research Funding

Young Investigator Research Team Award 

The 2017 grant applications are currently under review.

The MRF, in partnership with the MRF Breakthrough Consortium (MRFBC) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), is pleased to announce a new research award for 2017 for young investigator teams designed to advance the field of translational immuno-oncology research. Additional details can be found in the MRFBC/BMS Request for Proposals

Questions regarding the Young Investigator Research Team Award to Advance the Field of Translational Immuno-Oncology can be directed to the Program Director at research@melanoma.org or (800) 673-1290. 

Team, Established Investigator & Career Development Awards

The 2018 Request for Proposals (RFP) will be released later this year. 

Applications are submitted and managed entirely online through ProposalCENTRAL and are only available during the application cycle (Jan. 1 - March 1). 

Team Awards

Team Awards will not be accepted in 2017 but will be accepted again in 2018. Team Awards provide funding of up to $250,000 per year for two years. Please review the 2017 Request for Proposals to learn more about the Team Awards and expectations for 2018.

Established Investigator Awards (EIA)

The EIAs provide funding of up to $100,000 per year for two years to established melanoma researchers, or senior researchers working in closely related fields who wish to move into melanoma research. The use of relevant genetic models and human derived tumor samples is highly encouraged. EIA applications are encouraged, but not required, to be part of the STP mechanism listed below.

Career Development Awards (CDA)

The CDAs provide funding of up to $50,000 per year for two years to junior investigators. Researchers who are beginning a research career focused on melanoma and have not yet established strong federal funding for their research are eligible. The use of relevant genetic models and human derived tumor samples is highly encouraged. CDA applications are encouraged, but not required, to be part of the STP mechanism listed below.

Specific Topic Proposals

The identification of scientific topics that address unmet clinical needs in melanoma research were identified through a series of meetings of multidisciplinary experts from the MRF’s Scientific Advisory Committee and Breakthrough Consortium Steering Committee. The following categories are the identified unmet needs in melanoma research selected as STPs for 2015. 

  • Prevention: Development of models and biomarkers
  • Identifying mechanisms and respective therapeutic strategies in less common molecular subsets of melanoma
  • Metastases: Dormancy and metastatic progression
  • CNS Metastases: Development of markers of risk and rational therapeutic approaches
  • Response to Treatment: Mechanisms and respective biomarkers for predicting response and for monitoring therapeutic response
  • Resistance: Intrinsic/Innate/Primary resistance to immunotherapies in melanoma

Please refer to the 2017 RFP for a full definition of each STP. Career Development and Established Investigator applicants are encouraged, but not required, to focus on one of these themes in their proposals. Team Award applications are required to focus on one of the STPs.

Learn how to apply for a MRF research grant.

Medical Student Awards

Medical Student Award Applications are received from September 1 - November 1, and are awarded in January each year. 

The MRF's Medical Student Award Program provides one-year awards of up to $3,000 for medical students to engage in short clinical or laboratory-based research projects focused on better understanding the biology and treatment of melanoma. All proposals will undergo a rigorous peer-reviewed process by hand-selected experts in diverse areas of melanoma research. 

Learn about previously funded MRF research by visiting our Research Recipients page!