CURE OM - Leading Research on Ocular and Uveal Melanoma

The MRF's CURE OM initiative is leading the ocular melanoma (OM) field forward. We are committed to accelerating the development of effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for this disease. Our scientific initiative is led by our international, interdisciplinary Scientific Steering Committee and includes research grants, biannual international scientific meetings and partnerships with leading organizations, including industry. These efforts ensure continued collaboration, support and coordination to move OM research forward.  

Research Grants

In 2012, CURE OM began funding ocular melanoma-specific research grants. Falling under the MRF's general Research Grant Program, the research emphasizes both basic and clinical research projects that explore innovative approaches to understanding OM and its treatment. Proposals are submitted from around the world and undergo a rigorous peer-reviewed process by experts and leaders in the OM field. This helps us identify the most promising and impactful research to fund. In the first 2 years, we have secured over $800,000 specifically for OM research and have funded 4 different research recipients. Please read about the CURE OM grant recipients or learn about all of the MRF's previous award winners.

In 2016, CURE OM offered two award opportunities:

  • CURE OM Junior Fellowship Award, funded by an educational grant from AstraZeneca
  • CURE OM Unite! Established Investigator Award

Information on both awardees can be found, along with all CURE OM research grant awardees, on our Grant Recipients page!

Scientific Meetings

CURE OM hosts biannual international scientific meetings aimed at increasing collaboration in the OM field in order to accelerate treatment and research. Each meeting includes a diverse group of speakers and participants from around the world.  


CURE OM has established important partnerships with leading research organizations, including the National Cancer Institute, the Society for Melanoma Research and the International Rare Cancers Initiative, just to name a few! We also work regularly with leading melanoma research institutions all over the world. Together, we are leading the way in finding a cure for ocular melanoma.