MRF Breakthrough Consortium

The MRF Breakthrough Consortium (MRFBC)

Responding to a need for greater investigation into the urgent need for combination treatments, the MRF convened a meeting of leading doctors and researchers from melanoma centers of excellence across the United States. This meeting led to the creation of the MRF Breakthrough Consortium in 2010.

The MRFBC is a national network of 18 centers of excellence in melanoma that collaborate to accelerate drug development of combination therapies. The Consortium institutions have a demonstrated track record of receiving NIH/peer-reviewed funding for multidisciplinary research in melanoma, publications in major medical journals, presentations at the major cancer and melanoma meetings, clinical trial expertise and patient care.

Read about the MRFBC’s Mission and Core Strategies and see the participating sites.

View the MRFBC brochure. (Downloadable PDF)

Press about the MRFBC

On February 24, 2010, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Amy Harmon wrote an article in The New York Times focusing on drug development opportunities and challenges. In that article she described the newly founded Consortium:

"In August, leading melanoma researchers from across the country gathered at a meeting in Boston," referencing the inaugural meeting of the Consortium. "This is the most important meeting for melanoma patients that's happened in years," said Dr. Lynn Schuchter, chief of oncology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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