Research Grant FAQ's

How do I apply for a grant?

The grant application will be available ONLY during the time applications are being accepted. During that time, you can apply for a research grant on at

What is the deadline?

Applications will be accepted from March 1 - May 1, 2013.

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen?

No. However, the proposed research must be conducted in a non-profit research organization, a medical institution or an educational institution located in the United States. The CURE OM Awards are an exception to this rule and can be awarded to a researcher outside the U.S.

Am I eligible?

Please read the eligibility requirements. Should you have questions not answered here, please contact the Program Director at

How many grant programs are currently funded by the foundation?

The foundation currently funds five grant programs: Established Investigator (up to $200,000 over a two-year period), CURE OM Established Investigator (up to $200,000 over a two-year period), Career Development (up to $100,000 over a two-year period), CURE OM Career Development (up to $100,000 over a two-year period) and Medical Student (up to $3,000 over a one-year period).

What is the difference between the four programs?

The Established Investigator programs are designed for senior researchers. The Established Investigator CURE OM Award is designed for senior researchers focused on ocular/uveal melanoma. The Career Development program is designed for junior researchers. The Medical Student program is designed for current medical students.

How long is the research plan section of the grant?

The research plan is limited to 6 pages, not including references.

How do I enter the research plan?

The research plan, along with all grant application documents, will be uploaded as a PDF in ProposalCENTRAL.

What information is included in the project plan?

The text of the research plan should contain sufficient information for evaluation by the review panel. The plan should cover specific aims, background, rationale, significance, results of previous research directly related to the project title, experimental design and procedures and references. References are not counted in the 6 page limit.

Are technician salaries supported under the Established Investigator grant program?

Technician, graduate student and other ‘junior’ salaries are supported because we are trying to encourage them to enter and stay in the field. No salaries will be included for senior scientists, full-time tenured faculty or equivalent positions. The MRF will consider up to 100% of the salary for a postdoctoral fellow. At most, one postdoctoral fellow and one graduate student can be supported.

Why aren't salaries for the Established principal investigator (PI) supported?

The Established PI should already have salary support and we want our money to go directly to research on melanoma.

Can an award be transferred to a new institution?

A grant can be transferred upon approval of the Program Director. For detailed criteria and instructions, please contact the Program Director at