Melanoma Patient Resources

Education is a fundamental part of the MRF mission. We pride ourselves on being a leader in educating melanoma patients as well as the general public on the dangers of melanoma.

The MRF is proud to share our rich collection of helpful information and resources. Something missing from this list? Contact us.

Patient Education Events

  • In-person research and education symposia, teleconferences, webinars and educational videos

Printable Melanoma Informational Resources

  • The MRF has a wide variety of free educational pamphlets and informational brochures perfect for doctors’ offices, schools, fundraising events or health fairs

Clinical Trial Finder

  • Learn about clinical trials and whether a clinical trial is the right treatment option for you or your loved one

Treatment Center Finder

  • Whether you are recently diagnosed or are looking for a second opinion, the MRF’s treatment center finder can help you locate a melanoma treatment center near you

Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs

Pictures of Melanoma

  • Unsure of what melanoma looks like? Look through our photo library to help spot a melanoma early

Glossary of Terms

  • Find answers to frequently asked questions and learn the definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to you

Helpful Links

  • Additional information and resources for melanoma patients and their family members, such as the toll-free support helpline and links to other melanoma organizations