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May 19, 2015

Topic: Immunotherapy and Melanoma. A discussion of advances in immunotherapy for melanoma, hosted by the MRF (@CureMelanoma), Cancer Research Institute (@CancerResearch), The Answer to Cancer (@TheA2C), Dr. Omid Hamid (@OmidHamidMD) of the Angeles Clinic, and Salon writer & melanoma survivor Mary Beth Williams (@embeedub).


December 15, 2014

Topic: Coping with Holiday Stress. With Dr. Sage Bolte and Drucilla Brethwaite, licensed oncology social workers from @LifeWithCancer, a program of @InovaHealth that specializes in helping cancer patients and their families and friends cope with the disease.


May 20, 2014

Topic: Early Detection & Dispelling Melanoma Myths. With renowned dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi (@DrTanzi).


March 13, 2014

Topic: PD-1 & Clinical Trials. With "Patient #1" Blogger, T.J. Sharpe (@TeamTJSharpe) talking about his experience with clinical trials and talking to family and friends.